Information Technology Committee
June 8, 1998
Present: Alison Baker (chair), Lowell Ballard, Max Bassett, Tom Butler for Laura McCullough, Robert McGrory, Neil Reynolds, Steven Sachs, Gen Sen Chu for Jeanne Guthrie-Morse, John Sener, Lionel Sylvas, Barbara Wyles

Absent: Jennifer Egan, Fran Emory, Dan Himes, Gail Kettlewell, Dan Riley, Charlotte Wilhelmi,

Guests: Cathy Simpson

  1. Minutes Approved
  2. Minutes of the May 12, 1998, ITC Meeting were approved.


  3. Technology Plan Budget Discussion
The Technology Plan budget proposed at the May ITC meeting was discussed. The following changes to the budget were approved by the committee:
    1. The three categories in the original budget (Faculty release time for mentoring, discipline related software, and ancillary equipment to support mentoring or other applications) will be combined into a single line item. Each campus will submit a plan for spending the money.
    1. One or two seats of Resource 25 software will be purchased with leftover funds later in the year, rather than purchasing budgeting for five seats at this time.
    1. Funds will be budgeted to upgrade Technology Plan computers to Office97.
    1. Only 339 PCs will be purchased. This is based on the number required to replace the 486-class computers that were part of the previous Technology Plan. (NOTE: following the meeting it was determined that an additional 37 computers were needed to accommodate staff and enrollment growth since the original 1996 Technology Plan numbers were established. Otherwise, the College would not meet the VCCS mandated Pentium computer on every full time faculty and staff desk plus 1 Pentium for every 7% of FTES. These additional computers were approved by polling ITC members after the meeting.) These computers would be primarily targeted for use in labs. The remaining ETF money would be distributed to the campuses. Campuses could choose to buy additional computers with their ETF allocations.
    1. Classroom of the Future funds would be used for classroom presentation equipment such as classroom computers, LCD projectors, video equipment, furniture/carts for the classroom equipment, etc.
    1. 85 Macs would be purchased to upgrade existing Macs to the Pentium-level. However, these would only be purchased for legitimate curriculum areas that are based on Macs. Dr. Wyles will confirm the exact number needed at Alexandria that meeting this curriculum limitation.
A revised Technology Plan budget including the approved changes is attached.
  1. Summer computer purchases
The committee decided that the next order of Technology Plan computers would be equipped with 64K Ram. Dr. Sachs will forward speed and price comparisons to the Provosts for their campus' input on whether to order 266, 300, 333 or 350 MHz computers.
  1. TSS Update - Mr. Ballard
    1. TSS is reloading the computer-based training materials on the server and expect them to be available in the near future.
    1. TSS is finishing installation and fine tuning of the help desk software and necessary phone system. Initial help desk calls will go to the local campus staff, if no one is there to answer, calls will be automatically forwarded to the help desk. Implementation is expected soon.
    1. Student e-mail will be ready for Fall. Current NVCC policy does not currently cover the issue of making e-mail directory information public. This issue should be referred to Administrative Council.
  1. Training Update - Mr. McGrory
Mr. McGrory gave a brief report on where the training funds for the past year were spent.
  1. Next Meeting
Unless events require a meeting during the Summer, the next meeting will be scheduled for August or September.






Notes prepared by:


___________________________________ Steven G. Sachs

Associate Dean for Information Technology

Committee Chair:


___________________________________ Alison Baker

Dean of Financial and Administrative Services


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