Information Technology Committee

June 5, 2001


Present: Present: Alison Baker, Lowell Ballard, Max Bassett (chair), Tom Butler, Gen Sen Chu, Sue Hintz, Kevin Kelley, Steve Sachs, Monica Sasscer, Tony Tardd, Peter Tharp, Dave Williams, Barbara Wyles

Visitors: Stacey Pendelton, Cathy Simpson

  1. Minutes

  2. The minutes of the March 22 ITC meeting were approved.

  3. Status of change to edu domain

  4. Dr. Sachs reported that the College will change its official domain from nvcc.edu for email and the web to the following effective by July 1. This is part of a VCCS-wide domain name change.


    Student.nvcc.edu (for the student domain)

    When, and if, it becomes possible to get the nvcc.edu domain, we will do that also. Both the old and new domains will work for email and the web. Over time, the plan is to phase out the current nvcc.edu domain. Official word will go out to the College community later this week or next. People will be advised that they should not discard current stationary or business cards since both the old and new addresses will work. When they get ready to order new paper products, they can change the address at that time.

  5. Telephone Toll avoidance

  6. Dr. Sachs reported that directions for making free calls within Virginia will be distributed with the next week. Individuals on campus can dial a four-digit code + the area code + the phone number and save all long distance costs. The call will be routed over the VCCS data network to the community college nearest the number being called and the call will then be handled as a local call from that site.

  7. Review of the 2001-2002 College Technology Plan

  8. The current draft of the proposed plan was reviewed with the changes noted. Several figures were changed to reflect new directions from the VCCS and to accommodate the actual costs of PCs and the early purchase of next year's PCs with end of year funds. The amount of money still available to allocate was noted and it was sufficient to fund the items recommended for inclusion in the plan but not funded at the last meeting of the ITC.

    Mrs. Pendleton reviewed the status of the CCS&T contract for staff training. There are limitations on using the staff training funds for any firm other than CCS&T for on-campus training. However, the funds can be used to hire P-14s or to pay stipends to faculty/staff who provide training. The ITC decided to keep the CCS&T contract in place for any campuses that want to contract for on-campus training using an outside company. Mrs. Pendleton asked that each campus notify her as soon as possible with the name of the campus contact for any CCS&T training. Campuses wishing to hire CCS&T can use a 105-25 to encumber funds under the contract.

    Dr. Hintz presented a request from the IST cluster to join the Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance at a cost of $799 per campus. This will provide access to over $9,000 worth of software to each campus. The ITC approved reducing the Instructional Software Category by $4,000 to provide a specific line item in the plan covering this purchase. (Annandale campus will be reimbursed since they already paid for 2001-2002.)

    Dr. Sachs reported that the VCCS has purchased a system-wide license for the Auto-desk software. NVCC's share of the cost is $18,200. The ITC decided to have users pay for this year's cost as they re-license their existing software. The cost to them will be much less than if they were renewing their licenses at individual rates. The ITC will consider central funding next year if all campuses participate.

    Dr. Williams asked if additional funds ought to be allocated to the Ethernet/VoIP project to provide additional staff to help in the conversion or to deal with cabling problems. Dr. Sachs and Mr. Ballard reported that the current funds appear adequate. The plan is to borrow the remaining funds needed and then use Technology Plan funds to repay the loan over several years. The need for staff and cable upgrades have been accounted for in the plans.

    Dr. Sachs asked if the ITC wanted to allocate funds to Dogwood. The ITC agreed that the Dogwood Project should apply for College Priority funds when the call for proposals is distributed. No Technology Plan funds will be dedicated to this project this year.

    The Technology Plan as amended was approved for consideration by the Administrative Council.

  9. Revised ITC Membership

  10. Dean Bassett reported that the Administrative Council approved the change in ITC membership developed by the ITC subcommittee co-chaired by Dr. Butler and Dr. Wyles. The members will be chosen from the chairs of the various working groups/constituent groups named (e.g. chair of the LRS Directors Working Group, chair of the IST Cluster, etc.). The membership for 2001-2002 will be as follows:

    Dean of Instructional and Information Technology, chair
    Associate Dean for Instructional Technology
    2 Provosts
    Director of Technical Support Services
    The Chair of each campus TLTR
    1 Information Technology Manager
    1 LRS Director
    1 representative from the IST Faculty Cluster
    1 representative from the Dean of Academic and Student Services unit
    1 representative from the Dean of Financial and Administrative Services Unit
    1 representative from the SIS staff
    1 classified staff member
    1 Division Chair
    1 Continuing Education representative

  11. The meeting adjourned. No future meeting date was setting. Unless a major change to the Technology Plan is needed. The new committee will have its first meeting early in the Fall semester.

Meeting Chaired by:

Max L. Bassett, Dean

Academic and Student Services

Minutes Prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs, Dean

Instructional & Information Technology