Information Technology Committee Minutes
June 20, 1997

Present: Alison Baker, Max Bassett (chair), Arnold Bradford, Fran Emory, Evelyn Potts, Steven Sachs, John Sener, , Charlotte Wilhelmi, Barbara Wyles
Guest: James Van Dyke
Absent: Tom Butler, Yitna Firdyiwk, Dan Himes, Gail Kettlewell, Laura McCullough, Paul McVeigh, Neil Reynolds, Vince Pizzurro, Lionel Sylvas
1. Minutes Approved

Minutes of both the April 18 and May 16 ITC meetings were approved.

2. Technology Training Plan

James Van Dyke and Evelyn Potts from Human Resources reported on the bids received from companies interested in providing campus trainers as part of the Technology Training Plan. All of the bids came in significantly higher than the amount budgeted in the plan. A proposal was made and approved by the ITC to attempt to negotiate a contract with one of these companies for up to 6 months (beginning in July) instead of a full year. This will cover the peak training needs of the Technology Plan. The goal is to have the Technology Training Plan in place by mid-July. During the Fall, the ITC will reassess the need for on-site trainers beyond that contract period. Campuses will need to provide desk space and a computer for the training person. This will allow the person to receive and send e-mail, etc.

Some committee members asked that, if possible, the contract might allow for multiple trainers at each campus in the early part of Fall semester when faculty return and demand for training is highest. In addition, the College should attempt to identify possible P-14 staff who would be available to provide on-going training after the contract period ends.

Human Resources has purchased licenses that allow duplication of a complete set of training manuals for use as handouts, and also provides the rights to put them on the web for faculty and staff use. These manuals cover beginning and advanced topics related to MS Office and e-mail.

3. CITG Training Task Force Book Recommendation

Dr. Bradford reported that the CITG Training Task Force recommended that copies of the 10-Minute Guide Series of manuals be purchased for each office and division. These provide relatively quick and simple instruction on MS Office Software and e-mail, and can also later be used as good reference books. The cost of these manuals would be covered under the Technology Training Plan budget for materials

4. Office Technical Assistants

James Van Dyke and Evelyn Potts from Human Resources also reported on the status of the Office Technical Assistant program. A total of 50 individuals have been nominated. Planning for their training is underway.

5. VCCS SIS Task Force Report

Dean Bassett reported on the first meeting of the VCCS SIS Task Force. The Steering Committee's first meeting was help June 16-17. They will develop functional specifications for the new SIS. Dean Bassett co-chairs this group with Phyllis Milloy (TCC). The timetable for this project calls for a proposal to be issued by October 1, a vendor to be selected by February 1998, training and an interface with current systems to take place between March and December 1998, and full implementation by August 1999.

6. Update on new VCCS Utility

Dean Baker distributed copies of the official announcement of the formation of the Virginia Community College Technology Utility with Joe Hester as its Director. The initial personnel list contained errors and was being corrected. A Memorandum of Understanding between NVCC and the Utility was also distributed. The MOU describes the relationship between the two parities. During a transition period while NVCC rebuilds its central technical staff, current CIS (now Utility) staff will continue to assist the College.

7. Report on Grade Report Problem

Problems with the scanner that reads grade sheets made it necessary to audit all the grades and enter a large number of grades by hand. This resulted in a long delay in sending out Spring grades. Plans are moving forward for on-campus faculty grade entry for Fall grades. The plan will provide appropriate security and reporting for administrators. This will take advantage of the new computers on all faculty desks.

8. Reorganization of OATC

The ITC approved a reorganization of the current Operations and Applications Technology Committee. The current OATC is to be replaced with the Information Technology Implementation Committee with a membership composed on the five campus Information Technology Managers, the ELI and College Staff Information Technology Specialists, the Associate Dean for Information Technology and the new Director of Technical Support Services. It was felt this group could more adequately address the issues that were the responsibility of the original OATC.

9. Use/Disposal of old PC's

Dean Baker reported that all computers purchased with Equipment Trust Fund money had to be kept by the College for five years, whether they were outdated or not. Furthermore, the College had to continue to know their location. She is developing a proposal for loaning old computers to faculty and/or students for home-use. This would be similar to the process we now use to loan musical instruments. The plan may include charging a fee.

10. Updates on Technology Plan progress

With the exception of cabling, Technology Plan activities are on track. The computer roll-outs and upgrades are due to be completed by the end of July. This includes the computers for both Years 1 and 2 of the Plan. Training has begun and the major activities will coincide with the computer roll-out. Development and implementation of the new servers for the network are scheduled to take place over the Summer. Cabling is underway and scheduled to be completed by the end of July.

11. Next Meeting

Next Meeting of the ITC - Friday, September 19, Large Board Room, Brault Building, Annandale 9:30 a.m.

cc: Dr. Ernst

Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs
Associate Dean for Information Technology

Committee Chair:

Max L. Bassett
Dean of Academic and Student Services

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