Information Technology Committee
June 14, 1999
Present: Lowell Ballard, Arnold Bradford, Tom Butler, Gen Chu, Sue Hintz, Gail Kettlewell, Steve Kovacs for Alison Baker, Robert McGrory, Steven Sachs (chair), Judd Sage, Lionel Sylvas, Charlotte Wilhelmi, Dave Williams for Barbara Wyles

Absent: Max Bassett, Nancy Gleeson, Neil Reynolds, Dan Riley, John Sener

  1. Minutes Approved
  2. Minutes of the April 26, 1999, ITC Meeting were approved.

  3. Approval of 1999-2001 College Technology Plan
  4. The Technology Plan was discussed. Dr. Sachs gave a brief overview of changes made to the draft approved at the March ITC meeting. The required VCCS budget figures have received and built into the plan. Among the other changes were the following: Testing lab computers were purchased with 1998-99 funds, so did not need to be included in the 1999-2000 budget; purchase of one piece of compressed video equipment had to be delayed until after July 1, so it has been added to the budget while the funds originally held for this item in 1999-2000 were used to buy PCs for the new year's allocation; the VCCS is purchasing a site license for Microsoft products, so the total cost is shown in the budget where the total used to be split between the Technology Plan budget and the TSS technology budget; since the Technology Plan is picking up the cost of licenses, the TSS technology budget will set aside a budget for campus cabling changes as approved at the March ITC meeting. There was some discussion about whether the College should consider purchasing less expensive WIN Laboratories computers instead of Gateway computers. Dr. Sachs explained that prior experience with WIN computers at NVCC and other institutions meant that much closer technical monitoring of them would be required than if those from a nationally recognized vendor were used. There were numerous design flaws, poor choice of components and installation of used parts in repairs. Furthermore, many of the service calls required multiple visits. The VCCS has strongly recommended going with a nationally recognized brand. These nationally recognized brands are tested and reported on in the trade press. They tend to have better and more consistent design and component use than the cheaper ones. Furthermore, Gateway 2000 is a Virginia manufacturer with a payroll in the state of over $43 million. A number of similar comments were made by representatives of various campuses with bad experiences with WIN computers. There was no motion to change the purchase practice. We can continue to monitor computer choice. Dr. Sylvas moved and Dr. Kettlewell seconded the Plan be approved. The ITC approved the plan unanimously. The Plan will be forwarded to the Administrative Council for its June 15 meeting.

  5. Testing Lab computers will be distributed
  6. Dr. Sachs reported that the computers purchased with existing 1998-99 funds approved at the last ITC meeting have been delivered. The distribution to the campus Testing Labs according to the numbers in the Technology Plan will begin as soon as the plan is approved at the Administrative Council.

  7. Student Help Desk
  8. A discussion was held concerning the Student Help Desk support in the Technology Plan. Dr. Williams and Dr. Chu both highlighted the need for this service and the need for the plan developed by TSS to be reviewed by campus staff that are currently involved in providing technical support for students. Mr. Ballard pointed out that a number of changes will need to be made to accommodate the expected call volume and procedures for dealing with student support issues before this help can be made operational. This will be an issue for the new Dean of Information Technology to work on.

  9. Next Meeting
No date was set for the next meeting.




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___________________________________ Steven G. Sachs

Acting Dean of Academic and Student Services

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