NVCC Information Technology Committee
May 30, 2006

Draft Notes

Meeting on 2006-07 Technology Plan Draft


Present:  Alison Baker, John Dever, Jeff Howlett, Dave Lavis, Maria Rynn, Steven Sachs, Barbara Saperstone, Monica Sasscer (by phone)

Dr. Sachs presented the revised 2006-07 NVCC Technology Plan Draft.  New to the plan this year is that the office of Instructional & Information Technology will manage all ETF funds.  In exchange the campuses will receive Technology Funds which will give them greater flexibility for covering technology expenses.

The plan needs to include projects under consideration which might be funded if money becomes available.

It was requested that money be added to the plan for our web site conversion.  Also to include funds for stipends and training expenses for the AIS and HR PeopleSoft conversions.

The Campus Technology Services check list was discussed.  We will request that campuses submit a plan for advancing one level on at least one item from that list by next year.

The draft plan will go to Administrative Council for final consideration before submitting to the VCCS.

Next meeting:  TBA