Information Technology Committee


May 24, 2002


Present:  Allen Sinner for Lowell Ballard, Alison Baker, Max Bassett, Lynn Bowers, Thomas Butler, Afsaneh Chamlou, William Gary, Debbie Naquin, Sushama Rath, Steven Sachs (chair), Monica Sasscer, Lionel Sylvas, Dave Williams


Absent:  Ron Buchanan


Guests:  Sue Picard, Stacey Pendleton



1.                  Minutes of the February 20, 2002 meeting were approved.


2.                  Technology Plan

The 2002-2003 Draft Technology Plan distributed earlier to the ITC was reviewed.  The plan was drafted by a group composed of Dr. Sachs, Dr. Sasscer and the LRS Directors.  A number of wording changes were approved by the ITC.  The revised plan was approved to be forwarded to the Administrative Council.  The revised plan is posted at (http://www.nvcc.edu/itc/02-03-tech-plan-v5-24.htm)

Classroom of the Future Funds will be distributed by FTES, as in the past, and will continue to be used to equip classrooms with computers, projectors, monitors, etc.  If a campus has equipped all of its classrooms, it will submit a plan for using the funds on classroom of the future related projects to Dr. Sachs for approval prior to spending the funds.


3.                  Additional Projects Arising from the Technology Plan Discussion

A committee to review the policy on requiring use of the official College email system vs. personal email accounts by faculty for communicating with students.  FERPA and other privacy and security issues will be considered.  Ease of use is also a factor.  It was pointed out that faculty and staff can use POP3 email clients rather than the current email web application, just like they would with other email providers.  The College web email is primarily for computers the individual does not regularly use since it does not download the messages from the server and does not require a configuring a special client (like Eudora, Netscape Mail, Outlook Express).  Monica Sasscer, Dave Williams, and Debbie Naquin will serve on the committee.


The Scanning Project included in the Technology Plan is designed to fulfill a very specific application.  Even this application may not be needed if the College adopts an on-line application for admission.  During 2002-03, Dr. Sachs will appoint a group to develop a College scanning standard for use in creating back-ups of paper records.

Dr. Sachs will send out information on the Microsoft licenses to the chair of the IST cluster and the LRS Directors.


4.                  Discipline-related Software

The ITC approved the recommendations of the College TLTR for use of 2002-2003 Technology Plan Funds to purchase Discipline-related software.  Since the cost of the requests exceeded the funds available, the TLTR gave priority to those requests received on-time that best met the published criteria.  The recommendations will be forwarded to the Administrative Council with the Technology Plan.


5.                  Revised College Web Site

The ITC considered several alternative for a new graphic look for the College Web Site.   It selected the one with a UCLA influence.  The committee members asked TAC to refine the sample home page, taking into account the following suggestions:  use a less busy picture and reduce the size of the picture slightly –allowing the text links to be larger, remove the direct links to the President’s Welcome and Mission Statement (leave them under “About NVCC”), consider eliminating some of the links under the picture, try using both the bright yellow in the Penn State influenced sample for the College name and the current white lettering, consider adding a link to “maps with directions, virtual tour, etc., change the link labeled “Library” to “Libraries and Resources.”  Dr. Sachs will send samples with the revisions out to the committee prior to the next meeting.


6.                  PC Order Issues

The Committee discussed issues related to the central order of PCs with Technology Plan funds.  The committee approved the following:

·        Continue to purchase Dell computers for at least this year so that there is less diversity among computer in use.  After this year, the committee may consider alternatives.  (The committee specifically directed Dr. Sachs to send a letter to Dell complaining about the recent television ad that made it look like Dell computers were for stupid people.  The image created by this ad was not one the  committee felt the college wants to be associated with.).

·        The campuses/units will be offered a choice of options such as zip drives, larger hard drives, removable hard drives.  CD/RW will not be an option for labs.  The Technology Plan will pay for the base configuation.  Campuses that choose options will have to justify them and pay for them from campus funds.  However, those that are approved will be ordered factory installed.

·        Campuses/units will have the option of choosing their case as part of the base configuration:  mini-tower, desktop, small form factor.

·        Campuses/units will have the option of three types of monitors as part of the base configuration:  15”, 17” or flat screen CRT.  The campus can choose to upgrade to a true flat panel monitor at their expense.

·        The College will order the GX 260 platorm, provided it can do so within the Technology Plan budget.

·        Orders for the labs will done in early July for those campuses who want a Summer delivery.  Orders for faculty and staff computers will be delayed until late Fall while compatibility issues with PeopleSoft are resolved.  (This delay is another reason for choosing the GX 260 platform, since the GX 240 may not be available at that time.)


7.                  The ITC may not meet again until September.  However, the samples of the new web site will be sent out for review as soon as they are ready.