Information Technology Committee


May 1, 2000

Present:  Alison Baker (chair), Lowell Ballard, Tom Butler, Gen Chu, Aggie Taormina for Kevin Kelley, Sue Hintz, Dan Riley, Steven Sachs, Judd Sage, John Sartorius, John Sener, Lionel Sylvas, Charlotte Wilhelmi, Barbara Wyles   Absent:  Max Bassett, Gail Kettlewell, Peter Tharp   Visitors:  Doug Duffield, Stacy Pendleton, Cathy Simpson, Carol Turner  
  1. Minutes Approved



    Minutes of the March 6, 2000, ITC Meeting were approved.

  3. PeopleSoft



    Dean Baker gave a report on the new VCCS Administrative Information System (AIS) project that will use PeopleSoft software. Training is currently underway for the VCCS workgroups that will be customizing the software and developing implementation plans. The Fit-Gap exercise that matches the software to our specific needs to identify potential problem areas to be fixed will be held later this Summer.

    Dr. Sachs reported on the VCCS Student Information System (SIS). Current plans are for implementation throughout the VCCS in four waves, with all to be converted by the end of 2001. The software that has been adapted for the VCCS by the workgroups will be released this Summer. The VCC Technical Utility will run the software and main servers. Each campus will have several small servers. The main efforts of the College during implementation will be on re-engineering business practices and staff training.

  5. Web Policy



    Mrs. Simpson presented a draft revised form of the College Web Policy document. The document primarily takes existing policy and puts it into a cleaner, easier to read format. It also incorporates recommendations approved at the March ITC meeting. Several additional recommendations from the Web Policy Steering Committee were presented in the draft document. Minor editing changes were made. The addition of a representative of the Continuing Education Directors Working Group to the Web Policy Steering Committee was approved. Mrs. Simpson was directed to fix the heading and wording on page 6 of the document to include other prohibitions or to change it to specify "Commercial Use." On page 3, section C#3, she was to clarify students' ability to publish on the Web. A policy for student Web sites is needed and should appear in the Student Handbook. There was a brief discussion of where the disclaimer link should appear that indicates that faculty and student sites are not official college sites. The ITC approved the draft as written and directed that it be published on the Web as is. Meanwhile, the Web Policy Steering Committee is to continue working on the remaining issues and report back to the ITC.

  7. Technology Plan



    There was a discussion of the latest draft of the 2000-2001 College Technology Plan. Dr. Sachs gave an overview of the process used to develop the plan and provided a handout summarizing the projects and funds with a comparison to the current year's plan. It was suggested that if more money is available it should go to instructional software and to providing web support for continuing education. A request from the President to include support for the Dogwood Project was presented. A request was made to provide a stronger statement on distance learning. Mr. Sener distributed information showing less funding for ELI and academic computing.  In the discussion it was pointed out that there were campus infrastructure needs that had been neglected for several years that received higher priority in the draft plan.  After discussion, no major changes to the draft plan were approved. The final draft of the plan will be presented to the ITC in June for approval and forwarding to the Administrative Council. The goal is to have the plan to the Chancellor by July 1.

  9. Computer Purchases



    Dr. Sachs reported that the committee that worked on the technology plan helped draft specifications for this year's PC purchases, and that the campus ITMs, after considerable testing and discussion, selected Dell computers. Pricing for additional purchases is good through September 30. Ordering information has been provided to the Provosts, Deans, LRC Directors and ITMs.

    New Business

    Dr. Butler requested that retirees be allowed to keep their College email accounts. The ITC approved this recommendation. Dr. Sachs agreed to bring it up at Administrative Council.

  11. Next Meeting
The time and place of the June meeting will depend on when the final budgets are available so the draft Technology Plan can be finalized. Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs
Dean of Information Technology



Alison Baker
Dean of Financial and Administrative Services

pc: Dr. Wheelan