NVCC Information Technology Committee
May 8, 2006

Draft Notes


Present: Alison Baker, Jeff Howlett, David Lavis, Stacy Pendleton, Maria Rynn, Steven Sachs, Barbara Saperstone, Monica Sasscer

  1. The draft minutes from the February 17, 2006 meeting were approved.

  2. Review DRAFT 2006-07 Technology Plan and next steps.

    Dr. Sachs gave a briefing on VCCS changes this year that impact Technology Plans.  College plans.  Plans this year must provide for working toward the Chancellor’s expectations.

    This year we will be purchasing projectors and more PCs locally.  This should leave campuses with more discretionary technology funds.

    It is proposed to leave support for the 3 VPs offices on the Campus Technology Plan at present year’s level.  All other funds will be divided among the campuses based on enrollments.

    Any College technology projects that are over $100,000 must be included in the Technology Plan regardless of funding source.  There was discussion on how to fund special technology projects that might be proposed.  Ideally we would have a list of projects to fund should end of year money become available.

    Dr. Sachs will widely distribute the agreed upon draft plan to campuses for comment prior to the Administrative Council review.

    VCCS had their funding model approved by ACOP.  It gives us M&O, ETF, student technology fee and $400,000 of our own money.  Dr. Dever suggests including funding sources information when sending out the Tech Plan Draft to campuses.

    Campuses will be asked to define in their campus technology plan how using technology funds will advance them to the next level on the Instructional Support Services Best Practice survey for next year.  Dr. Sachs will work toward refining the reporting mechanism and document.  The survey will be sent out shortly.

  3. Email Best Practices

    Dr. Sasscer handed out the draft of an email best practices document.  The committee was asked to review and share it with other interested parties.  It will be discussed at a future meeting.  The committee noted some items that needed to be included.

  4. Project Updates
  1. New Business

    We will need to have NVCC employees sign a new acceptable use agreement.  There are still huge problems getting people to complete the online Security Awareness Training.  The only employees that will have access to social security numbers are ones approved by their supervisor and that have signed the special agreement.  This is an auditor requirement.

    Dr. Dever asked about our progress toward electronic signatures.  Dr. Sachs said there is no standard at present for electronic signatures and there is a problem finding an affordable product.

    Dr. Baker commented that the timetable for the new AIS/FIS system is to have it in place by July 2007, with various aspects being phased in.

Next Meeting:  Date to be determined.  It may be an electronic meeting, depending on the Technology Plan Draft feedback.