Information Technology Committee

April 29,2003




Present:  Steve Sachs (chair), Monica Sasscer, Alison Baker, Lynn Bowers, Lowell Ballard, Gen Chu, Debbie Naquin, Stacy Pendelton


  1. Recommend that a link to the ITC Minutes web page with minutes be sent along with the meeting reminder.  Reference to Dr. Naquin in item 8 needs to be fixed.


  1. A question was raised why the phone system “hold” music had not been changed.  Mr. Ballard reported that this required the system to be taken off line and did not want to do it during roll-out.


  1. 2002-2003 Tech Plan report.  Dr. Sachs reported that we had to hold $400k due to budget cuts.  There will also be a surplus of several hundred thousand dollars to carry over since the money was released so late in the year.  This also allowed us to repay our reserve for phone system costs two-years ahead of schedule.


  1. There was general discussion of the college technology environment.


  1. It was reported that due to changes in the state technology procedures and the fact that we had just finished installing the current year’s new PCs, there would not be a summer PC order.


  1. Suggestions for inclusion in the 2003-2004 Technology plan were discussed.