Northern Virginia Community College
Information Technology Committee
April 23, 2007

Draft Minutes


Present:   Kevin Chouinard, Sam Hill, Jeff Howlett, Dave Lavis, Dariel Martin, Maria Rynn, Steven Sachs, Barbara Saperstone, Monica Sasscer

  1. The minutes from the February 23, 2007 meeting were approved.

  2. 2007-08 College Technology Plan

    The final draft of the 2007-08 College Technology Plan was reviewed.  It must be approved by Administrative Council in order to be forwarded to the VCCS by June 1.

    There is a shortfall of $500,000 in next years plan.  Changes 2 years ago by the VCCS in regards to how the technology plans are done, resulted in $1,000,000 of expenses being transferred from campus responsibility, into the tech plan.  NVCC was able to compensate for those changes this year because of carry over funds, and also being in the 2nd year of previously paid software licenses. 

    There was considerable concern among the committee about the loss of Campus Lab Support in next year’s budget.  Dr. Sachs pointed out that technology plan funds in previous years paid for approximately 800 computers.  In 06-07 those funds paid for 1,400.  Since technology funds are now paying for most of the college computers, campuses should have the funds they previously spent on computers, to apply to other needs.

    Dr. Sachs emphasized the large amount in the technology plan for academic software.  This is a different practice than other VCCS colleges.  The committee recognized the importance for this funding but recommended that it be reduced some and the amount transferred to the Campus Tech Plan Support category.  This will aid the campuses in continuing to maintain their campus lab support.  A group will be formed to develop better defined criteria for funding of academic software from the 07-08 plan.

    Dr. Sachs will clarify the Campus and Unit Support categories prior to sending the budget draft out to college groups for comment. 

    It was requested that a mid-year report be done at the appropriate time, on the status of the 07-08 technology funds.  At that time suggestions can be made on where money might come from to make early purchases in order to reduce 08-09 technology purchase requirements.