Information Technology Committee


March 6, 2000

Present: Alison Baker (chair), Lowell Ballard, Max Bassett, Gordon Cook for Sue Hintz, Tom Butler, Gen Chu, John Ehle, Kevin Kelley, Gail Kettlewell, Dan Riley, Steven Sachs, Judd Sage, John Sartorius, John Sener, Lionel Sylvas, Peter Tharp, Charlotte Wilhelmi, Barbara Wyles   Absent:   Visitors: Dave Babel, Stacy Pendleton, Cathy Simpson, Carol Turner  
  1. Minutes Approved



    Minutes of the February 7, 2000, ITC Meeting were approved.

  3. Tentative 2000-2001 Technology Plan



    Dr. Sachs introduced the committee that helped draft the Tentative 2000-2001 Technology Plan: Dave Babel (AL), Gen Chu (AN), Kevin Kelley (LO), Cathy Sabol (MA), Sue Hintz (WO), Cathy Simpson (TAC), and Lowell Ballard (TSS). He pointed out that this is only a tentative plan since actual budget amounts will not be known until later this Spring. The current draft is based on the same funding as 1999-2000. The ITC discussed the plan and approved the following changes to the draft originally sent out for this meeting:

    Add a line for SIS and AIS implementation and show the funding being from other College budgets.

    Campus Lab Support should provide at least a base minimum necessary to be open a sixth day of the week.

    Mention the role of the TLTRs in developing campus technology plans.

    Increase the application development support for TAC by two additional 40% reassigned time positions.

    Add $14,000 to Web page maintenance and technology support.

    Reduce instructional software by $20,000 to cover the cost of the preceding two items.

    Reflect that the cabling budget will be held centrally for use by the campuses and staff units.

    Ms. Pendelton and Mrs. Simpson are to draft a Technology Training Plan for consideration by the ITC at its May meeting. Three types of training were identified: academic, specialized technical, and desktop. The Technology Training Budget here is not intended to cover SIS and AIS training.

    The plan's commentary will be consistent as to the number of funding sources. There are either three or four categories depending on whether technology fees are separated from education and general M&O funds. The three essential sources of funds are Technology plan M&O funds, ETF funds and College M&O matching funds.

    A motion to combine the categories "Campus-based technical application support," "Course Reassigned Time," and "Web Page Maintenance and Technology Support" into one category without specific project spending requirements was not approved.

    Dr. Sachs will revise the current draft and send it to the members for campus and unit discussion and planning.

  5. The April ITC meeting was cancelled. The next meeting will be May 1.
Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs
Dean of Information Technology



Alison Baker
Dean of Financial and Administrative Services

pc: Dr. Wheelan