Information Technology Committee


March 28, 2005





Present:Alison Baker, Lowell Ballard, Art Cavanagh, John Dever, William Gary, Jeff Howlett, Dave Lavis, Stacy Pendleton, Maria Rynn, Steve Sachs, Barbara Saperstone, Monica Sasscer, P.D. Scott, Timothy Seaman, Dave Williams


2005-06 Technology Plan Budget


Dr. Sachs outlined the VCCS plan for next yearís tech plan budget approval process. The VCCS Technology Council meets in early April. Further plan requirements may come from that meeting. Our campus technology plan will be due to the VCCS in June for review.


Dr. Sachs presented the first draft of our 2005-06 Technology Plan budget and explained each line item. Technology funds can no longer be carried over. There will not be a category next year for ďone timeĒ funded projects.


An additional project suggestion for next year was the ASL Language Lab. This is to equip labs with software to monitor studentís computers while they are doing their sign language practice sessions.It would cover 12 lab computers. Dr. Sachs included a list of other possible projects for funding consideration.


Mr. Gary requested that computers for Workforce Development labs be added to the list of possible items to be funded from tech funds.


Dr. Sachs recommends the committee wait to see what comes from the Tech Council meeting next week. The budget can then be reviewed at the next ITC meeting and refined for broader distribution and comment, before sending forward to the VCCS for approval.


Dr. Dever suggested that it would help to know what different sources of money made up the Tech Funds so that we have a better idea of what areas are adjustable.


AN Campus CN Building Renovations


Dr. Saperstone requested $96,000 from technology funds to help pay for unexpected technology costs in the renovation of the CN building. It was pointed out that if this is covered it will decrease the items we plan to prepay this year. After discussion Dr. Saperstone suggested that this request be tabled until after we find out more about what will be required by the VCCS for next years tech plan.


Equipment Security


There was discussion regarding equipment security issues. Campuses are using different methods to secure computers and prevent theft. Dave Williams reported that the LRS group has discussed having a coordinated plan but could not reach consensus on a single plan.


Request for Addition to College Web Page


There has been a request from the MA campus to add a link to the College web page to access information on their 30th anniversary celebration. It was decided that something would be put there to call attention to the MA and also to ELIís 30th anniversary observance this year. There was also discussion regarding the need to better provide information on our website about current campus and college events.


Next Meeting


The next meeting will be on April 13, 2005, at 9:30 am in the AN Provostís Conference Room.