Information Technology Committee

March 22, 2001


Present: Alison Baker, Lowell Ballard, Max Bassett (chair), Tom Butler, Gen Sen Chu, Sue Hintz, Kevin Kelley, Gail Kettlewell, Dan Riley, Steve Sachs, Monica Sasscer, Lionel Sylvas, Aggie Taormina for Tony Tardd, Peter Tharp, Dave Williams, Barbara Wyles

Visitors: Cathy Simpson, Kathy Wiener

1. Minutes of the January 25 ITC Meeting were approved.

2. Steve Sachs and Sue Hintz reported on the recommendations from the College TLTR for discipline-related software awards. A total of $36,800 in Technology Plan funds was available. Over $250,000 in requests were received. The recommendations were approved by the ITC. The ITC also approved a recommendation to the College Budget Advisory Committee that $100,000 be allocated next year to discipline-related software as a College priority--in addition to Technology Plan funds. The ITC also recommended that the College TLTR suggest that smaller proposals look to alternative sources of funds, such as the College Foundation. The College TLTR recommended that the priority for next year's discipline-related software awards be for single-campus programs rather than College-wide programs as was done this year. The approved awards were:

145 Dreamweaver/Fireworks 4.0 $15,690

(IST Cluster)

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 $ 10,854

46 new and 125 upgrades

(ART at AN, WO; Communication Design at AL &LO)

100 Scientific Notebook $ 5,878

(Math Cluster)

Adobe Illustrator $ 703

55 upgrades

(ART at AN & WO)

True Space $ 3,960

40 upgrades

(ART at AN & WO)

Total $ 37,085

The amounts of each award are based on prices obtained by Media Processing.

3. Dr. Sachs presented a distribution model for the $500,000 in Classroom Presentation Equipment Funds recently approved by the Administrative Council. Over 217 classrooms remain to be equipped. Based on an estimated cost of $8,000 per room, these funds should equip more than 60 additional rooms. The distribution model provided funds to equip the two teleconference rooms at the Television Center and one at ELI. The model calls for the remaining funds to be distributed based on campus Fall FTE. Dr. Sachs recommended that since it was so late in the fiscal year, these funds be used to buy equipment, and that any installation expenses come from next year's Classroom of the Future funds.

4. Dr. Sachs presented a proposal from the Woodbridge Campus to use some of their unspent reassigned funds for registration fees related to technology use. The ITC approved this request.

5. Dean Bassett presented a request to replace transcript printers, since the old ones have worn out. The current funds in the Technology Plan budget for replacement of SNA printers are currently targeted toward whatever printers are finally selected to work with the new SIS, rather than to replace current SNA-capable printers. The ITC approved making replacement of transcript printers a priority for end of year funds or in next year's Technology Plan.

6. Dr. Sachs requested approval to move remaining 2000-2001 Technology Plan funds within the plan to cover costs that have exceed estimates by small amounts or to begin purchasing items (such as PCs or transcript printers) that will be part of the 2001-2002 Technology Plan. The ITC approved this request.

7. The proposed 2001-2002 Draft Technology Plan was discussed. This draft was prepared by a committee composed of the LRS Directors, Mrs. Simpson (representing TAC/ELI) and Dr. Sachs. The following changes to the draft plan were approved by the ITC:

8. The next meeting of the ITC is scheduled for May 24 at 9:30 a.m.