Information Technology Committee Minutes
March 14, 1997

Present: Max Bassett (chair), Alison Baker, Arnold Bradford, Tom Butler, Jennifer Egan for Yitna Firdywik, Fran Emory, Dan Himes, Gail Kettlewell, Paul McVeigh, Vince Pizzurro, Neil Reynolds, Evelyn Potts, Steven Sachs, John Sener, Lionel Sylvas, Charlotte Wilhelmi
Others Present: George Duffy, James Van Dyke, Dan Wells
Absent: Laura McCullough
1. Minutes Approved
Minutes from the February 22, 1997 meeting were approved.

2. New CITG Recognized
The ITC officially recognized the new College Staff CITG and added its chair, Evelyn Potts, to the ITC membership.

3. Funding Issues (Dr. McVeigh's 1/9/97 memo)
The ITC discussed issues related to costs beyond the basic hardware and software covered by the College's Technology Plan. A summary of the Technology Plan budget showing the source of funds was presented (see attachment). The following actions were taken:

a. The Provosts will work with campus staff to develop specific computer hardware security recommendations for consideration by the ITC.

b. The ITC approved a recommendation that there be a college-wide TLTR meeting to discuss software issues, needs and priorities. Dr. Bassett is to call the meeting and Dr. Bradford will coordinate it.

c. The ITC approved ordering MS Office 97 Pro from the College Technology Plan funds for teaching labs that want to use it. Provosts will notify Dr. Sachs with the quantities needed for each campus. The College standard for administrative use will continue to be MS Office 95 since so many of the computers in faculty and staff offices may not be able to run MS Office 97 for several years.

4. Technology Training Plan - Mr. Van Dyke and Ms. Potts
A revised version of the Technology Training Plan was distributed and briefly reviewed. The new plan incorporates the changes sent to Human Resources since the original draft was presented. Comments on the current version are due back to Mr. Van Dyke by March 28. Human Resources will incorporate the comments into a final draft that can be considered at the April meeting of the ITC. The final draft will be distributed in advance of the meeting.

The ITC approved continuing the current program of technology training through the summer, even though the formal plan has not been approved. Human Resources will also try to have at least one course on multi-media.

5. Recruitment of new Technology Positions - Mr. Van Dyke
Mr. Van Dyke reported that advertising of the new Technology Positions has begun. Provosts were asked to move very quickly to complete the interview and selection process since good technical people do not remain on the market very long. Dr. Sachs will work with staff in Human Resources and on the campuses to help coordinate situations where an applicant is interested in positions at more than one campus. Closing date for the positions is March 28 for the classified positions and April 11 for the faculty positions.

6. SIS Steering Committee and Sub-committes - Dr. Bassett
A memo from the Chancellor on establishing the Stakeholder groups that were established to help the VCCS govern technology throughout the system was distributed. One of the most important is the SIS group, since procurement and implementation of a new SIS prior to the year 2000 is a high priority. The ITC agreed to let the Administrative Council determine the appropriate nominations for the VCCS Stakeholder Chairs.

Members of the NVCC SIS Sub-committees established at the last ITC meeting were approved as follows:

Registration Issues
Division Chair: Susan Wagner (AN)
Counseling: Lloyd Wells (LO)
Dean of Student Dev.: Carol Ross (AN)
Business Office: Jerre Kilgore (AN)
Info. Tech.: TBA
Adm. & Rec.: Barbara Showers (AL)
ELI: Jayne Townend

Records Management
Counseling: TBA (MA)
Adm. & Rec.: Susan Liller (WO)
Grad./Veterans: Frances Horton (AL)
Faculty: Celeste Dubeck-Smith (AN)
Info. Tech.: TBA

Counseling & Advising
Coord. Of Couns.: Karen Wray (AN)
Coord. Of Couns.: Fred Hecklinger (AL)
Counselor: Gail Hunter (LO)
Faculty: John Ehle (AN)
Dean of Student Dev.: Mary Voss (AL)
Registrar: Suzzane Fuller (AL)

Financial Aid
Dean of Student Dev.: John Sartorius (LO)
Counselor: Cheryl Bailey (AN)
Business Office: Dan Jones (AL)
Fiscal & Aux. Svs.: Steve Mahood (CS)
Info. Tech.: TBA
Coord. Student Aid & Benefits: Carol Mowbray (CS)

7. Guidelines for Indexing Databases - Ms. Baker
Dean Baker distributed material from the Virginia Department of Information Technology concerning the state's effort at tracking existing databases developed by state agencies, such as those related to SIS and FIS systems.

8. VCCS Software Survey - Dr. Sachs
A copy of a VCCS Software Survey was distributed. It was decided that each Provost, and the Director of the Extended Learning Institute, will complete and submit them directly to the VCCS. A copy of the responses is to be sent to Dr. Sachs so the College will also have a record of the software currently in use. The surveys are to be submitted by April 4.

9. Report from Operations and Applications Tech. Committee - Mr. Pizzurro
There was not time to review the actions from the last meeting of the Operations and Applications Technology Committee. Mr. Pizzurro indicated that the minutes would be distributed to ITC members and could also be reviewed on the Committee's Web page.

10. New Computer Order - Dr. Sachs
Dr. Sachs indicated that the Year 1 computers should be ordered within the next week with delivery expected by early to mid-May. Conversion of existing computers on the College's network to Windows 95 and MS Office 95 has been delayed since they cannot currently be connected to the mainframe without additional software. By this summer the additional software will not be needed, resulting in significant savings of College Technology Plan funds.

11. Summary of Pending Items held over from the last meeting
a. Order Year 1 computers from Gateway - Dr. Sachs
b. Order Windows 95 and MS Office for existing computers - Dr. Sachs
c. Develop computer repair outsourcing plan - Mr. Pizzurro
d. Develop campus printer plans - Provosts
e. Allocate printer funds to campuses - Dr. Sachs
f. Nominate members of SIS Subcommittees - Provosts
g. Call meeting of SIS Committee Steering Committee - Dr. Bassett
h. Determine server needs and configurations - Mr. Pizzurro
i. Develop plan and timetable for migration to NT-network - Mr. Pizzurro
j. Assess additional electrical needs for computers and develop plan - Dean Baker
k. Hire consultant on remote access for e-mail and recommendation of ISP - Dean Baker
l. Study and recommend revisions to Information Technology staffing, organization, responsibilities, budgets and committees - Deans Bassett and Baker
m. Provide tentative costs for computer-related items for ITC discussion - Dr. Sachs
n. Revise Technology Training Plan for ITC consideration - Mr. Van Dyke

12. Next Meeting of the ITC - Friday, April 18, 9:30 a.m., at ELI. This is a change from the regular meeting location!


Original Anticipated Budget $ 2,888,190
Sources of Funds in Anticipated Budget
ETF $1,487,115
General Funds 696,228
Student Fee 636,030
Professional Development 68,825
Total $2,888,198
Subtractions from original budget
VTEL video conferencing equipment 245,000
Initial order of PCs for AN & AL 245,911
Computers for WO Novell Lab 21,000
ATM Muxes for video conferencing 25,000
ATM network switches and equipment 183,000
Actual 1996-97 Training 100,000
Actual Tech Positions salaries 75,000
Servers and Hubs 273,000 (estimate)
Printers 23,400
Total subtractions $1,191,311
Technology Funds Available $1,696,887
Other College Funds + 203,113
Total Available for Year 1 PCs $1,900,000
Known Expenses
VTEL Video conf. Maintenance agreements 20,000
Upgrade existing Pentiums 237,050
Budgeted training (Funds from Years 1 & 2) 700,000
Salaries for Tech. Positions. 500,000
Total $ 1,457,050
(Note: the above figure does not include any shortfall in infrastructure costs, especially Loudoun Phase 2.)
Anticipated Budget Available $ 2,888,190
Known Expenses - 1,457,050
Total available for Year 2 PCs $ 1,431,140

(Note: the above figure must cover new PCs and upgrading the software and hardware, as appropriate, in existing 486s that are required to meet the Technology Plan allocations.)

cc: Dr. Ernst

Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs
Associate Dean for Information Technology

Committee Chair:

Max L. Bassett
Dean of Academic and Student Services

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