Northern Virginia Community College
Information Technology Committee
February 23, 2007

Present:  Alison Baker, Kevin Chouinard, John Dever, William Gary, Sam Hill (by phone), Jeff Howlett, Dave Lavis, Dee Martin, Steve Sachs, Monica Sasscer, Allen Sinner

  1. Minutes of the prior meeting were approved.

  2. Email policy

    VP Baker expressed concern that if it is a requirement to read email, email cannot be taken away as a sanction for not following email policy (see bullet 3 on page 2, page 3 where it talks about use of someone else's ID to send email, and Violations on page 5). There were also typographical errors on page 7. Dr. Sasscer will send edits to VP Baker and then send any revisions to the commit for review. If the committee agrees, it will be considered final and ready for administrative council.

    Dr. Dever raised an issue about mass mailing on page 8. He indicated that we need to review the process and guidelines for communicating with students, including the use of non-college email addresses. A group larger than the ITC should be created for this review.

    Instead of publishing the entire policy in the Faculty and Student Handbooks and ASPM, reference in those documents will be made to the fact that faculty, staff and students must follow the policies as posted. The policies will be posted on the Web. Reminders will need to be sent out regularly. A calendar for sending out reminders should be established.

  3. Dr. Sachs advised the committee that a new and simpler 105-45 was close to being finalized. Some of the signatures required are due to auditor requirements. Dr. Dever indicated that it would important to meet with staff through out the college and provide training on the new form and to review the process for requesting accounts because it is complicated and better awareness is needed.

  4. A brief preview of an early draft of the 2007-08 Technology Plan was discussed.  Three additional topics of importance were listed: expanding imaging of old documents for archival purposes, communication strategies for pandemics and other emergencies, and AIS implementation.

The next meeting of the ITC will finalize the draft 2007-08 College Technology Plan. That draft will be sent to the College community for review and comment before it goes to the Administrative Council for Final approval. The complete plan must be at the VCCS by June 1.