NVCC Information Technology Committee
February 2, 2007

Draft Notes


Present:  Alison Baker, Laraine Book (for Mr. Gary), Kevin Chouinard, Milan Hayward (for Dr. Martin), Sam Hill, Jeff Howlett, Dave Lavis, Maria Rynn, Steven Sachs, Monica Sasscer

1.        Review Minutes

The minutes of the December 11, 2006 committee meeting were reviewed and approved as presented.

2.        Report on Compliance Issues

           a.  Acceptable Use Agreements for Faculty and Staff

We are still working on a method to get the acceptable computer use agreement out to all faculty and staff.  Being considered are sending something out in paper form to everyone, or as an agreement statement at network sign on.

           b.  IT Security Awareness Training

A new method for delivering security training is being developed.  People not taking the training will definitely have their network access removed until compliance with the training requirement is met.  This step is necessary to meet state security measures.

3.        Report on VCCS Technology Council Actions

           a.  Technology Funding Model

NVCC receives almost 4 million dollars in technology funds from the state.  The VCCS Technology Council has changed the technology funding model for future years.  The new model identifies the cost of maintaining the minimum standards on technology infra-structures at each college, and will be taken into consideration for future funding.

           b.  Other

VITA is charged with monitoring security measures statewide.  They are imposing strict measures to maintain a secure electronic environment, which will impact on NVCC’s computing practices.

The agreement for the new statewide network is still in negotiation between Virginia and Verizon.  The technical part is in place and ready to implement as soon as an agreement is signed.

Dr. Sachs will be emailing the VCCS technology survey results to the committee.  The survey compares the various college’s technical environment.

4.        Campus PC Allocations and Challenges

           a.  Variations in year of purchase at the campuses

Dr. Sachs distributed a spread sheet showing the PC purchases at our campuses over the past few years.  He pointed out purchasing patterns and sources of funding for those purchases.  The spreadsheet also showed the VCCS minimum requirements for numbers of computers NVCC should have, and how well each campus meets them presently.

           b.  Goals

This year PCs will be purchased centrally to assure that each campus meets the minimum VCCS requirements, and to have enough new computers to run VISTA.  Purchases this year will also strive to even out the numbers of computers that need to be purchased for each campus in future years.

5.        Update on Apple MacIntosh Computers

The Apple representative came to NVCC to discuss their computers with a group with a group of interested staff at NVCC.  Apple will make another visit this Spring to demonstrate their products.  Dr. Sachs office is receiving more requests from departments to purchase Macs.  Macs do run Windows now, but also cost more.

6.        Asset Management Issues

The VCCS gap analysis pointed out real problems with technology asset management at NVCC.  Dr. Sachs distributed a draft of an asset management policy, and briefly explained the reasoning behind each item.  The policy will be discussed and refined at the next ITC meeting.

7.        Technology Planning Schedule for 07-08

The schedule for our college technology planning process for the coming year is being changed.  The revised timing of this will allow the campuses to factor technology plans and funding into their overall budget planning.  The schedule is as follows.

a.  Feb.-March 2007 – ITC and Campuses develop draft plans
b.  March 30, 2007 – Campus Technology Plans due to VP, Instructional & Information Technology
c.  April 27, 2007 – Draft College Technology Plan complete and approved by ITC
d.  May 2007 – Plan circulated for review and approval by Administrative Council
e.  June 1, 2007 – Final plan to VCCS

8.        The meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting:  Friday, February 23, 2007 at 9:30 am, in the Brault Building Boardroom.