NVCC Information Technology Committee
February 17, 2006

Draft Notes


Present: Alison Baker, Jeff Howlett, David Lavis, Stacy Pendleton, Maria Rynn, Steven Sachs, Barbara Saperstone, Monica Sasscer

  1. The draft minutes from the January 20, 2006 meeting were approved.

  2. Personal vs. College Email Addresses

    In summary of discussions at previous meetings:  Official NVCC communications must be sent to student VCCS email addresses. Faculty may only publish college websites for course information locations. All faculty and staff must appear in NVCC directories. Faculty may only publish college email address as their official address. 

    The question of providing email accounts to all retirees or just emeriti was raised. Previously the committee approved providing email to emeriti. There was discussion of the pros and cons of giving retirees email. The committee approved maintaining retirees email accounts until the end of the Spring semester following their retirement, to allow time for emeriti consideration.

  3. Draft College Telephone Business Process Consultant RFP

    Dr. Sachs presented a starting draft for an RFP for a telephone consultant. The group expressed a desire to have the option of bringing back consultants for more individual department level advising after the initial study and recommendations are complete. A rate for ongoing work will be added to the RFP. The proposed timetable of workshops in June and final report by July 15, 2006, was acceptable to the group. Mention of the Call Center will be added as an area for review.

  4. College-wide Purchase of Anti-plagiarism Software – “Turn-it-in”

    There has been a request from 2 departments for central purchasing of the anti-plagiarism software “Turn-it-in.” Faculty will be surveyed in the next few weeks for overall interest in this software. A college-wide site license will be considered if there is sufficient faculty interest.

  5. Mid-Year Technology Plan Budget Review

    Dr. Sachs gave a report on the present and anticipated expenses from the Technology Fund accounts, and projected fund balances.

  6. Technology Planning for 2006-2007 (New VCCS Requirements)

    Dr. Sachs presented a sample Technology Budget for next year to illustrate how potential new VCCS technology requirements might impact our planning. In depth discussion on next years NVCC Technology Plan and Budget will begin at the next Committee meeting.

  7. 2005-2006 Technology Plan Spending Adjustments

    After presentation of the mid-year Technology Budget review, and discussion of possible impacts on next year’s technology plan, Dr. Sachs requested guidance on possible spending options for funds available from this year’s budget. The committee advised remaining funds be used to begin purchasing 2006-07 PCs, with priority being given to replacing old equipment, including MACs at the Alexandria Campus.  The MACs at AL and LO must meet VCCS useful life requirements, just like PCs.

  8. New Business

    There was no new business.

  9. Other

    Virtual Office – A draft was handed out of possible components for a virtual office, and what might be funded centrally. This will be considered at a future meeting.

Next Meeting:  March 17, 2006, 9:30 a.m., Brault Bldg. Large Conference Room