Information Technology Committee

February 17, 2004



Present:  Alison Baker, Lowell Ballard, Lynn Bowers, Ron Buchanan, Gordon Cook, Debbie Naquin, Stacy Pendelton, Steve Sachs (chair), Monica Sasscer, Barbara Saperstone, Dave Williams


1.     Minutes of the December 3, 2003 meeting were approved.


2.     Committee Reports


Discipline Software – the report from the Division Deans reported by P.D. Scott was approved.  NVCC will participate in the VCCS licensing of Macromedia and Adobe products that is due out late this Spring.  The campuses are to survey their software to be sure it is no more than one year old so replacement software can be built into next year’s technology plan or for purchase with unused funds in this year’s technology plan.


Email – Dave Williams presented the committee report and discussed student email distribution lists.  It is now possible to create a distribution list to email all NVCC students by using email addresses in NovaConnect.  The ITC approved conversion of faculty/staff email to Microsoft Exchange 2003.  TAC was directed to provide email training in Best Practices following conversion.  Supervisors will be strongly encouraged to have all faculty and staff attend.  The ITC also approved a resolution that the Division Deans orientation planning committee should provide focused training opportunities for all new faculty on email and NovaConnect.  The conversion will take place over the summer.


Phone System Upgrades – Lowell Ballard presented a report and results of a survey.  He will follow up by prioritizing the recommended actions and identifying those things that can be done with no cost except for labor, costs under $10,000, and costs over $10,000 for the next meeting.  The ITC directed TAC to develop a telephone training plan on use of the phones and features, and to use technology plan training funds to implement the plan.  The ITC also approved a recommendation that basic phone training on use of the phones and features should be part of new faculty/staff orientation and adjunct faculty orientation and training.


Computer Kiosks – Gordon Cook presented the committee report.  The report noted that there are all manner of furniture in use with PCs in public spaces.  The ITC recommended that the number of hallway PCs on the campuses be determined and determine the level of campus interest in using kiosks for these PCs.  Also, we should determine opportunities for co-branding to help defray some of the cost.  The committee recommended three styles/vendors for consideration.  If it meets campus needs, we may want to standardize to cut costs and provide a common look on the campuses.


Funds Distribution Formulas – The report was presented. The ITC approved removing the special allocation for Macs that has gone to Alexandria and Loudoun.  It will be up to those campuses to determine the allocation of computers between the two types from the regular allocation.


3.     ITIC Recommendation


The ITC approved the following statement, to reinforce existing policy, “Before software is purchased for installation on multiple machines for multiple users, it should be coordinated through the IT Manager at the campus or the Director of ITSS.  Media Processing should be informed that ITM or Director of ITSS approval is required.”  This clarification was recommended due to a problem with independent software use that took place in one of the campus labs.


4.     ASPM


ITSS was directed to update the technology section of the ASPM.


5.     Individual Software Downloads


ITSS will review existing policy statements on personal downloading of software to individual machines to see if further clarification is needed.