Information Technology Committee


February 7, 2005


DRAFT Minutes



Present:  Alison Baker, Lowell Ballard, Art Cavanagh, William Gary, Jeff Howlett, Dave Lavis, Stacey Pendleton, Maria Rynn, Steve Sachs, P.D. Scott, Timothy Seaman, Dave Williams


1.            Introductions and Committee Overview


2.                  Status Report on 2004-05 Technology Plan


Dr. Sachs explained the process NVCC goes through to develop our Technology Plan and budget and how it is funded. Each technology fund item was explained.


Instructional Software – Software requests from Division Deans presently totals $62,636. A request has been made to take $1,700 for testing center software from the remaining funds allocated in this category.  Approved


Dr. Tardd has requested funds to help with their science building renovations. We won’t be able to complete the generator project this fiscal year so it is requested that some of the money set aside for that project be used to help with Loudoun’s renovation.  Approved


3.         Report on VCCS Technology Council Action and Projects


Dr. Sachs explained the membership and purpose of the VCCS Technology Council. Items from their January meeting that are of interest to us are:



4.                  New VCCS Technology Planning Process and Schedule


The format for technology plans is still pending. For us to receive approval for any projects they must be in our Technology Plan. Major projects are presently taking 2 years to complete with planning being done in year one and implementation in the second.


The template for the Technology Plan should be to us this month. Our plan is due to be submitted by June 1. It will be reviewed by the VCCS beginning July 1 and funds distributed August 1.


5.                  Chancellor’s Expectations 2004-2006 (The basis of the NVCC Plan)


The Chancellor’s expectations for 2004-06 were passed out. There were no questions.


6.            Requested Input


Dr. Sachs requested input on where we should be making improvements in technology areas.



Next Meeting


ITC meetings need to be held monthly. Dr. Sachs will check the VCCS Technology Council timetable and propose a meeting schedule for the rest of this year.