Information Technology Committee Minutes
December 8, 1997

Present: Alison Baker (chair), Lowell Ballard, Arnold Bradford, Jennifer Egan, Fran Emory, Jeanne Guthrie-Morse, Dan Himes, Robert McGrory, Neil Reynolds, Steven Sachs, John Sener, Charlotte Wilhelmi, Barbara Wyles
Guests: Merrily Stover
Absent: Max Bassett, Gail Kettlewell, Laura McCullough, Lionel Sylvas,

1. Minutes Approved

Minutes of the November 21,1997, ITC Meeting were approved with corrections.

2. College Web Policy

Dr. Bradford distributed a draft of the new "NVCC World Wide Web Policy" developed by his committee. The draft was discussed by the ITC, and the following changes were suggested and approved:

Dr. Guthrie-Morse - Add a division chair to the membership of the Home Page Steering Committee (III.B.)

Mr. Sener - Reword V.B. to read "... In addition to the General Publishing Guidelines (see IV above), technical considerations may include: ..." Add the phrase "as needed," to the end of III.F.6.

Mrs. Wilhelmi - Indicated that all College web servers are covered by this policy, which should be reflected in the introduction to III.F. Dr. Bradford will add this to the policy.

Mrs. Egan - Reword III.2. as follows, "... will routinely be involved in the purchase and be responsible for the maintenance ..."

Dr. Sachs - Recommended that the specific mechanism for identifying official College pages and providing a disclaimer for non-official pages be referred to the new Home Page Steering Committee. Dr. Wyles recommended that all official pages bear some clear indication that they are official pages of the College.

Mrs. Wilhelmi moved the policy as revised be approved, Mr. Himes seconded it. The motion was passed by the ITC. A copy of the Policy as approved is attached to these minutes.

3. Web Course Policy for Courses That Cross Service Area Boundaries

Dr. Sachs presented a draft of a proposed new Web Course Policy for Courses That Cross Service Area Boundaries. He described the background for development of the policy. In the past, all distance education was the responsibility of the Extended Learning Institute. However, with the ease of using the World Wide Web and the encouragement of all faculty to make use of the Web in some form, the lines between distance education and traditional instruction are becoming blurred. Furthermore, ELI has limited resources and may not be able to service all requests for Web course assistance. There are requirements for distance education that must be met by the College, regardless of which unit develops the courses. In addition, the College has a responsibility to provide coordination of many aspects of distance education to prevent unnecessary confusion or duplication. The proposed policy addresses these issues. It provides a checklist of Standards that must be met by these courses and the units offering them, and describes how ELI will provide the necessary coordination. Faculty and staff are welcome and encouraged to work with ELI to develop and offer Web-based courses, but they are not restricted to offering them through ELI. It was noted that the proposed policy should reflect that it applies to "academic credit" courses. Dr. Sachs will make this change in the final draft, along with some minor wordsmithing to clarify ELI's coordination role.

Dr. Wyles moved to adopt the policy, Mrs. Wilhelmi seconded the motion. The motion was passed by the ITC. A copy of the Policy as approved is attached to these minutes.

4. Training Plan Update

Mr. McGrory reported on the number of individuals who had participated in technology-related training on each campus. He also indicated that information on up-coming training would be presented to all faculty at Cross-Campus Day in January. Mr. McGrory will put out information on the availability of funds for additional technology training and will work with Dr. Sachs and Mr. Ballard on a process for the ITC to use in evaluating which training requests to fund. He reported that advanced training for Information Technology staff on "Windows NT Server" and "Windows 95 Installation and Support" is already budgeted and planned for Spring. McGrory offered to attend meetings on the campuses to talk about training and training opportunities.

5. Cabling Project Update

Dean Baker reported that all Annandale campus wiring is contracted for and scheduled for completion. Even though completion is two-months behind where it was expected to be when the original schedule was prepared this past Summer, completion is now expected by the end of December. A meeting is scheduled for December 15 to beginning planning for extending network connections to out-buildings on the campuses. Overall, costs for cabling are coming within the revised cabling budget established for this year.

6. ITC Membership

Dr. Emory requested that the terms of membership for faculty members of the ITC be clarified and that the issue membership term length be discussed at a future ITC meeting. She was concerned that terms may not overlap or be long enough for members to master the information necessary to be an effective ITC member.

7. VCCS Technology Council Update

Dean Baker reported on the recent VCCS Technology Council Meeting. She said that the VCCS was still having trouble successfully purchasing system-wide software, and that the College would need to be vigilant in making sure we were involved in the current system-wide technology planning. It is still unclear to what extent any of NVCC's unique needs are being considered in that planning.

8. Next Meeting

January 12, 1998, 2:00 pm, Board Room, Brault Building, Annandale.

cc: Dr. Ernst

Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs
Associate Dean for Information Technology

Committee Chair:

Alison Baker
Dean of Financial and Administrative Services

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