NVCC Information Technology Committee
December 11, 2006

Approved February 2, 2007


Present:  Alison Baker, Jeff Howlett, Dave Lavis, Dariel Martin, Maria Rynn, Steven Sachs, Barbara Saperstone, Stacy Pendleton, Monica Sasscer, Allen Sinner

  1. Review Minutes

    The minutes of the November 6, 2006 committee meeting were reviewed and approved as presented.

  2. Discussion of proposed email policy

    Since the last ITC meeting Administrative Council requested action be taken regarding the abuse of college wide distribution lists.  Only limited staff will be allowed access for sending emails to the entire college distribution lists.  Campus Provost’s will have approval of which staff are granted access to their campus distribution lists.  Employees wishing to have emails forwarded to another campus list can send it to the Provost’s office for a decision on distributing to that campus.  This policy was conveyed to the campus community, and does not differ from the draft policy the subcommittee worked to develop.

    Faculty are responsible to encourage students to use their student email accounts.  Student email is the college method of communicating with students and they have a responsibility to monitor it.

    Wordage needs to be added to the email policy document alerting employees to the fact that email that they delete cannot be restored.

    NVCC will work toward automatic account creations on email, LAN, PS, and Blackboard, for all student and employees.  A revised account creation request form will be developed in Spring 2007.

    There will be revisions to the process for account deletion.  Accounts for P-14s or adjuncts that leave or do not work continuously need to be deleted in order to be in compliance with state policy.

    Employees are to be discouraged on using such things as wall paper and backgrounds in their email correspondence.  Use of these increases the college email load.

    Text needs to be added to the policy document instructing employees to not pass along email warnings that are hoaxes.  It should include a website to check for validation of warnings received.

    An email policy document revised to reflect the committee’s discussion today, will be forwarded to Administrative Council for approval toward the end of January.

  3. Asset Management

    The responsibility for handling technology management is done differently at each campus.  Equipment is often being replaced too early, or too late on it’s useful live cycle.  Replacing equipment too soon, ends up costing the college large sums of money.  There was discussion about how to better manage assets, college wide in order to have better information technology planning and budgeting.

    Dr. Sachs will draft something for committee consideration at the next meeting that reflects the comments made today.

  4. Proposed Laptop Policy

    Dr. Sachs requested the committee’s consideration on how we fund lap top computer purchases.  Laptops that meet all of our technology requirements cost $2,200-2,300.  Desktop computers cost approximately $1,200.  The college buys desktop computers centrally and campuses are presently buying lap tops.  An inquiry has been made regarding the possibility of funding lap tops centrally when it would be the sole computer for a particular employee.  Widespread use of “just a lap top” is problematic for various reasons.  All faculty and staff are required by the VCCS to have a computer. 

    The committee discussed various lap top funding methods.  It was approved that the policy would remain as it is.  Lap top computers will continue to be funded with campus monies.

  5. Virtual Office Policy

    A virtual office draft policy was distributed to the committee for consideration at the next meeting.  The policy needs to include what services and equipment the college will fund for employees with virtual offices.

  6. The meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting:  Friday, January 26, 9:30 am, in the Brault Building Boardroom.