Information Technology Committee Minutes
November 21, 1997

Present: Alison Baker (chair), Lowell Ballard, Max Bassett, Arnold Bradford, Jennifer Egan, Jeanne Guthrie-Morse, Dan Himes, Gail Kettlewell, Laura McCullough, Robert McGrory, Neil Reynolds, Steven Sachs, John Sener, Lionel Sylvas, Barbara Wyles
Guests: Evelyn Potts, Merrily Stover
Absent: Fran Emory, Charlotte Wilhelmi

1. Minutes Approved

Minutes of the October 17 ITC Meeting were approved with corrections.

2. Report on TSS Activities

Lowell Ballard distributed a handout and made a presentation on current activities and plans of Technical Support Services. There will be five key components of the new TSS: Network Engineering and Support, Business Process Re-engineering, Network Security, Computer Help Desk, and Telephone System. The goal of the Process Re-engineering staff will be to improve workflow, document management, telephone system design, data access and ad hoc reporting. The new Computer Help Desk will serve as a single point of contact for all computer and telephone system service requests. A label with the Help Desk Phone number will be placed on all computers and phones. Service Level agreements will be set for all requests so that performance can be monitored. All service requests will be tracked to completion. Requests that cannot be fulfilled in a timely manner will be automatically escalated. Special help desk software has been purchased. Help Desk requests will be coordinated with campus IT staffs through alpha-numeric pagers, so problems that require on-site assistance can be coordinated.

Steps are underway to procure a new phone system that will reduce costs, provide voice mail, adhere to open standards, and provide high reliability. The system under current consideration will offer integration with desktop PCs and e-mail, and offer numerous features and much faster and better local control for moves, addes and changes. A pilot test of the proposed new system is scheduled for early 1998.

3. Revised Training Plan

Mr. McGrory presented a revised training plan and budget for the remainder of 1997-98 covering the $134,914 in unencumbered training funds. The revised plan included a partial extension of the CCS&T contract for trainers. The trainees will not be restricted to a particular campus, but will be able to attend courses where they are available. The current November-December training course schedule is now available on-line through e-mail. The schedule can be found as "HRD Training" in "All Public Folders" under "Public Folders."

Dr. Guthrie-Morse made a motion to (a) fund CCS&T for $79,822 to extend their contract from January 5 - May 15 for three trainers, (b) reserve $20,000 of the remaining training funds to be allocated by the ITC at its February meeting, and (c) issue an RFP to the college community for the remaining $34,914 for allocation at the February ITC meeting. The motion was seconded by Dr. Kettlewell and passed unanimously. The three trainers will overlap and float between campuses with the primary assignments being: Annandale, Alexandria-Woodbridge, Loudoun-Manassas. More details will be presented to the ITC at its December meeting. A Committee of Mr. McGrory, Mr. Ballard and Dr. Sachs will work with the Provosts and others to develop a plan and process for making the allocations specified by this motion. The plan will be presented at the February ITC meeting.

4. Microsoft/AACC Grant Opportunity

Dean Baker called attention to the Microsoft/AACC partnership grants announced in Intercom. Those interested should contact Debbie Mottsman, Grants Coordinator. Mrs. Mottsman will be scheduling a meeting to develop a coordinated college proposal.

5. "Who to Call" List

Mr. McGrory indicated that a number of groups have expressed a need for a list of who to contact for specific types of assistance. He agreed to work with Mr. Ballard and Dr. Sachs to develop the list for distribution.

6. JLARC Study of Technology in Virginia Government

Dean Baker and Dr. Sachs described a recently completed JLARC study of technology in Virginia Government. The report calls for major restructuring of the Department of Information Technology and the Council for Information Management. It also makes recommendations for operations at the agency level. Dr. Sachs will distribute copies to Administrative Council and LRCs. The report is also available on the web at:

7. Training Videos

Mr. McGrory reported that each campus and ELI will receive a set of training videos on Microsoft Office software. Additional sets are available at $50 each.

8. College Web Policy

Discussion of the proposed College Web Policy developed by Dr. Bradford's committee was deferred to the December 8 ITC meeting. Any additional comments should be forwarded to Dr. Bradford prior to the meeting.

9. Web Course Policy

Discussion of the proposed Web Course Policy developed by Dr. Sachs and ELI staff was deferred to the December 8 ITC meeting. He was asked to be sure that the Division Chairs Roundtable had an opportunity to comment on the policy.

10. Responsibility for Costs of Lost or Damaged Equipment

A brief discussion was held concerning responsibility for costs associated with lost or damaged equipment. Current policy and possible alternatives were described. Dr. Sachs and Dean Baker will develop a proposal for presentation at a future ITC meeting.

11. Next Meeting

December 8, 1997, 2:00 pm, Board Room, Brault Building, Annandale.

cc: Dr. Ernst

Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs
Associate Dean for Information Technology

Committee Chair:

Alison Baker
Dean of Financial and Administrative Services

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