Information Technology Committee

November 2, 2000


Present: Alison Baker (CS), Max Bassett (CS-chair), Lynn Bowers (MA), Tom Butler (AN), Gen Chu (AN), Gordon Cook (WO), Sue Hintz (WO), Dan Riley (MA), Steve Sachs (CS), John Sener (ELI), Aggie Taormina (LO), Peter Tharp (CS), Charlotte Wilhelmi (CS), Dave Williams (AL), Barbara Wyles (AL)

Guests: Shirley Brown-Cuffee, Lynn Feist, Kevin Kelley, Debbie Nasquin, Stacey Pendleton, Patricia Pullen, Sushie Rath, Carol Turner, Cathy Simpson

1. Minutes of the September 14 ITC Meeting were approved.

2. Report on the new Classified Employee System

Representatives of Human Resources presented an overview of the new classification system for classified employees. They reported that training for supervisors and employees would begin at the end of November. Letters have been sent to all employees and supervisors with the new roles and titles of positions. The College can use some of the new pay provisions in the plan; however, several still require approval of ACOP before they can be implemented. The Chancellor has put a moratorium on reclassifications that require movement from one pay band to another until after the new year, with the exception of IT positions or emergencies. These exceptions must be sent to the VCCS for approval, and approval is not necessarily automatic. Descriptions of the new pay bands and roles are posted on the HR and state web sites. There are currently no College or VCCS guidelines on how to implement the new system. Dean Baker indicated that these guidelines will need to be developed. The Deans of Finance recommended that individual institutions develop their own policies rather than having a central VCCS policy. Any changes in salary will have to be paid by the individual institutions.

A proposal was made that the LRC Directors should develop a proposal on reclassification of ITS and ITM staff to forward by December 1 to the Administrative Council. A member of the HR Classified staff team should be included on the group that develops the proposal. A draft of the proposal should be sent to the ITC for comment prior to sending it to the Administrative Council. The proposal was passed by the ITC.

3. Web Privacy Statement An Executive Order from the Governor requires that the College web site include a statement describing our privacy policy. A draft policy and statement for the web site had been distributed prior to the meeting. A proposal was made that the draft policy statement and privacy statement be accepted with wording changes. Dean Baker and Mrs. Simpson will edit the policy and statement, and send revised copies to the ITC with the minutes of the meeting. The revised policy statement will be forwarded to the Administrative Council for approval, and the revised privacy statement will be immediately posted on the web. The proposal passed. 4. Low Attendance at Campus Technology Training The College TLTR identified a problem of no-shows at technology training on the campuses. The issue was discussed by the ITC. Each campus deals with the problem in different ways. Each campus agreed to continue monitoring the problem and attempt to improve attendance. 5. IT Governance and Centralized vs. Decentralized IT Services
    There was a spirited discussion of issues and problems related to the delivery of services. Communication and clarification of roles was identified as essential. One possible solution is matrix management.

    A proposal was made to implement the campus server plan as included in the Technology Plan. The proposal was approved by the ITC.

    A proposal was made to create a small task force on governance, roles, responsibilities, needs and outcomes to help clarify the issues of IT Governance and delivery of services. The task force will be composed of Tom Butler (co-chair), Barbara Wyles (co-chair), Steve Sachs, Lowell Ballard, Lynn Feist, Aggie Taormina, Bob Loser, and Berta Finkelstein. The task force is to report to the ITC at its January meeting. The proposal passed.

6. Next meeting The next meeting of the ITC will be January 25, 2001, at 9:30 am. The place will be announced prior to the meeting.



Max L. Bassett

Minutes Prepared By:


Steven G. Sachs