NVCC Information Technology Committee
November 6, 2006

Draft Notes

Organizational Meeting


Present:  Kevin Chouinard, William Gary, Sam Hill, Jeff Howlett, Dave Lavis, Dariel Martin, Maria Rynn, Steven Sachs, Barbara Saperstone, Stacy Pendleton, Allen Sinner, Ben Pittman (for VP Baker)

  1. Dr. Sachs welcomed the group and gave an overview of the committees function and tasks.

  2. Technology Plan Funding Changes

    The College Technology Plan approved by last year’s committee is on the web, and Dr. Sachs encouraged the group to read it.  He presented a spread sheet showing the approved budget for that plan. 

    Several emergency requests for academic software needed for Spring semester have been received.  The deadline for requests for academic software purchase will be in January.  The emergency requests have been approved and forwarded early. 

    The Administrative Council has allocated an additional $200,000 to the Tech Plan budget, to fund discretionary projects.  Projects from the approved Tech Plan for funding if money became available were discussed.  From that list, the Committee approved funding of local highway information radio for AL & AN Campuses, and equipment to convert the AL photo lab to digital.

  3. Acceptable Use Agreements

    Copies of three VCCS technology standards of use were distributed.  The VCCS is requiring us to have faculty and staff sign acceptable use agreements again this year, for the files.  There agreements have been slightly modified since we last reviewed our NVCC documents. 

    The committee agreed that we would use the VCCS documents rather than rewriting our own.  Dr. Sachs will reformat the VCCS version and send out to the committee for review.  The technical staff will also try to figure an electronic solution for getting staff signage on these policies.

  4. IT Security Awareness Training

    It is a state and VCCS requirement that all faculty and staff complete IT Security Awareness Training every year.  Dr. Sachs proposed that we create a security awareness PowerPoint training presentation to be ready in December for Administrators review.  The committee discussed various options/ideas for getting staff compliance for taking the required training.
  1. Student Organization Websites

    It has been learned that a few NVCC student organizations have set up websites outside the college with commercial services.  Those sites use college logos and represent the college.  There was discussion on this practice.  The Committee agreed that all NVCC student organizations must have their websites on College servers.  The organizations can keep a .com address but must redirect to NVCC site.  Dr. Sachs will draft a summary of the issue, and policy for consideration at Administrative Council.
  1. College email policy

    The draft NVCC email policy that was developed by last years committee was distributed and briefly discussed.  Due to time constraints, the issue will be reviewed at a future meeting.
  1. Asset Management – Item for next meeting

  2. Next meeting:  TBA