Information Technology Committee Minutes
October 17, 1997

Present: Alison Baker (chair), Lowell Ballard, Arnold Bradford, Tom Butler for Laura McCullough, Jennifer Egan, Jeanne Guthrie-Morse, Dan Himes, Gail Kettlewell, Robert McGrory, Neil Reynolds, Steven Sachs, John Sener, Lionel Sylvas, Barbara Wyles
Guests: George Duffy, Evelyn Potts, Michael Webster
Absent: Max Bassett, Fran Emory, Charlotte Wilhelmi

1. Minutes Approved

Minutes of the September 23, 1997 meeting were approved with minor corrections.

2. Technology Budget

Mr. Duffy distributed a handout summarizing the sources of technology funds and the projected expenses for the year. Projected expenses to complete the technology plan activities are expected to be $3,751,095, and there are sufficient funds to cover these expenses. How faculty and staff in some out-buildings will be connected to the network, and the cost for these connections has still not been determined.

3. TLTR Mentoring Activities

Initial reports on planned use of the TLTR Mentoring Funds that are part of the Technology Training budget were made for each campus, ELI and College Staff. The reports indicated that most units are still in the planning rather than implementation stage. It was suggested that Mr. McGrory work through the TLTRs to develop a list of faculty and staff qualified to be mentors or to do training in various technical areas that could be drawn on by other units.

4. Technology Training Plan

Mr. McGrory distributed handouts summarizing the key components of the current training contract with CCS&T, and summarizing the current budget and projected expenses for technology training. Approximately $136,954 remains available for additional training activities specified in the Training Plan beyond those currently underway. The ITC directed Mr. McGrory to develop a revised training plan and budget that includes a limited extension of the current on-site trainers, more money to the TLTRs, and a more realistic estimate of actual training needs for technical staff. The revised budget is to be presented at the November ITC meeting. It was noted that there may be needs with higher priorities for some of these training funds including: improved phone system, printers, and funds for providing technical support when there are vacancies in the regular technical staff.

5. Web Policy Task Force

Dr. Bradford distributed a report from the Web Policy Task Force. Copies have also been distributed by e-mail. Though formal discussion was postponed until the November meeting, with final action to be taken by January, a number of suggestions were made. Mr. Ballard recommended that Technical Support Services be taken totally out of any responsibility for content. TSS will create a test site for Web-page owners to use in developing pages, then the owners can move the pages into production. Technical staff will routinely set up directories on the Web sever for all College groups to facilitate linkage. He recommended that College Relations be responsible for the College's front-end to the Web. He also recommended that permanent Web-servers be maintained by the campus information technology staff rather than by individual users. He noted that current and soon to be released technology will allow individual users to set up their own workstations as Web servers for intranet use. Dr. Kettlewell recommended that a faculty member and a representatives of Student Services be added to the Web Steering Committee. Dr. Bradford was directed to work with the TLTRs to solicit additional comments for the November ITC discussion of the plan proposed in the report. Mr. Ballard will review current Web page review and posting procedures to attempt to streamline them in advance of formal ITC approval of a complete Web policy.

6. Technology Planning

Dr. Sachs reported that even though we do not have guidelines from the VCCS, it is time to start developing a Technology Plan 1998-2000. It was noted that technology planning needs to be coordinated with the existing College planning process, which can be accommodated since there is a significant overlap of members between the ITC and the College Planning Committee. The ITC will serve as the Technology Task Force under the current College Planning Process. The development of a new Technology Plan should involve grass roots input, with specific instructional (rather than hardware) targets and goals from the TLTRs, student development offices, and administrative units. Dr. Sachs was directed to pick his own small, representative committee to guide the development of the new Plan. As the new committee seeks input it should emphasize questions about the application of technology such as: "How has technology changed or enhanced my job?" and "What resources do we have that will allow us to make necessary changes, or what do we still need?"

7. Status Reports
a. Risk Assessment Survey - Dean Baker reported that a VCCS Risk Assessment Survey is being widely distributed and should be completed and returned to her. This is primarily a survey questionnaire rather than a detailed reporting instrument.

b. Cabling and Infrastructure - Dean Baker reported that cabling at Loudoun, Manassas and Woodbridge is complete with the exception of some out-buildings and two Mac classrooms at Loudoun. The method for connecting the out-buildings is still under consideration. Cabling at Alexandria is almost complete. Cabling is still underway at Annandale with the CT Building 75% complete, CM Building done, CC Building nearly done, CF Building 85% complete, CS Building 70% complete, and CN Building 75% complete. Other buildings are not done beyond cabling that was already in place before the current activity began. The CG building is likely to be done by the end of November, CE and CI may not be done until December.

c. Student e-mail - Dean Baker reported that the VCCS has begun deploying the e-mail system we will use to provide student e-mail; however, we still do not have full details so final plans for making it available at NVCC cannot be completed. It is still expected that we will be able to make it available to students during Spring semester.

d. College Purchasing has begun looking at a strategy for providing internet service for faculty and student home use. This will not be a free service. Internet Service Providers will have an opportunity to bid for being recommended by the College. The goal is to get a low price for users, and to possibly get additional services for the College.

e. Dr. Sachs reported that almost all of the new and upgraded computers are in place and are connected to the network where cabling has been completed. Licenses for Windows95 and MS Office have also been purchased for the upgraded computers. The exceptions are at Alexandria where connections are due to be completed within the next 10 days, and approximately 17 computers are still to be delivered pending the results of the bid for MacIntosh computers. College-wide, the final 20 computers are on order. Distribution is expected by mid-November. No additional purchases or upgrades under the College Technology Plan are expected. However, some additional software purchases may be made pending a final review of computer deployment. As soon as the final computers have arrived, a complete inventory will be conducted to update the SCHEV survey that was initially done in early Summer before computers were fully distributed or in their current locations.

8. Other Business

a. In response to a request from several ITC members, Dean Baker is attempting to find a better meeting time than Friday mornings. Members should respond to her meeting survey grid as soon as possible.

b. The ITC directed Mr. Ballard to have the e-mail directory revised to be in Last-name, First-name, MI order as soon as time allows.

c. Mr. Ballard and Dr. Sachs noted that the staff will be developing policies for dealing with other software besides Windows95, MS Office and MS Exchange. This includes network management software that identifies software in use at the College that requires individuals to have their own licenses, additional support for popular software, recommended software, etc. Last Fall, a task force developed an initial policy for dealing with licenses and personal software on College computers. Additional work will be done for presentation to the ITC at a future meeting.

11. Next meeting of the ITC - to be announced pending completion of Dean Baker's survey of preferred meeting times.

cc: Dr. Ernst

Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs
Associate Dean for Information Technology

Committee Chair:

Alison Baker
Dean of Financial and Administrative Services

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