Information Technology Committee

October 2, 2003



Present:  Alison Baker, Lowell Ballard, Gordon Cook, Lynn Bowers, Hortense Hinton, Stacey Pendelton, Steven Sachs (chair), Monica Sasscer, Barbara Saperstone, Cathy Simpson, Lionel Sylvas


1.                  April 29, 2003 minutes were approved.


2.                  The committee reviewed last year's Technology Plan spending and related plans.


3.                  The committee reviewed the 2003-2004 Technology Plan as approved by Administrative Council and the VCCS.


4.                  Manassas Campus was officially designated by the ITC as a back-up site for the College data center.  Annandale is the back-up site for Manassas.  The back-up sites provide for back-up data storage and mission critical hardware to be used in the event that the primary site cannot be used for disaster revcovery.


5.                  Following the discussion, the Committee approved a proposal from the Administrative Council to provide anti-virus software for faculty and staff to use on their personal machines.  This was done to provide further protection for the College network since virus are able to escape detection by the College firewall and email antivirus detection when brought in on disks or CDs from home or when faculty use the Web to check personal email.  The effectiveness of providing this software for home use will be assessed to determine if it should be continued in future years.  The estimated cost is approximately $3,000.


6.                  A proposal to use technology reserve funds to provide cable-tv hook ups to the Medical Education Center, Manassas Campus and Woodbridge Campus was considered.  Currently the other campuses have cable-tv hook ups that allow them to receive the College cable-channel and other local access and government channels.  Manassas and Woodbridge use satellite to receive CNN and related channels.  The estimated costs are $35,000 for MEC, $102,633 for MA, and $38,832 for WO.  The Committee wanted to know how useful it is at AL, AN, and LO before making a decision.  Dr. Sachs was to report back at the next ITC meeting.


7.                  A question about whether it was appropriate for faculty and staff to use their College web site in job searches (by posting application letters and resurmes).  The issue was referred to the College Web policy committee.


8.                  Theft of IT equipment was discussed to determine if a College-wide solution was needed.  It appears to only be a problem at Alexandria and Woodbridge, but the numbers are still small compared to the amount of equipment in use.  Of most concern were thefts of LCD projectors.  Woodbridge has fabricated their own solution to prevent projector theft.  The ITC felt that each campus should in the future be sure to purchase units with better anti-theft protection when given a choice.  The campuses might also look at inexpensive ink-dye or sound devices similar to those used on clothes.  The committee felt this was a campus responsibility, and referred it back to the LRS Working Group.  VP Baker will also solicit suggestions from her staff (Police and Business Managers) for suggestions on inexpensive strategies.


9.                  The issue of old PCs well past their useful life was discussed.  The problem is that some campuses are keeping PCs that are below the minimum threshold established by the VCCS and the ITC.  Typically, these are more than 6 years old.  Some need to be kept for microcomputer repair classes.  Some are currently being kept to run administrative software that will not run on newer equipment--however that software needs to be replaced.  The numbers, though, appear to exceed those needed for these uses.  Dr. Sachs will work with the campuses to identify the number justified and report back to the ITC.


10.       The next meeting will be in December.