Information Technology Committee


January 23, 2002

Present:Lowell Ballard, Alison Baker, Max Bassett, Lynn Bowers, Thomas Butler, Afsaneh Chamlou, William Gary, Debbie Naquin, Steven Sachs (chair), Monica Sasscer, Sue Hintz for Lionel Sylvas, Dave Williams

Absent:Ron Buchanan, Sushama Rath

Guests:Cathy Simpson, Stacey Pendleton, Dale Seward

1.Minutes of the October 8, 2001 meeting were approved.

2.Technology Plan Budget Review

Dr. Sachs reviewed the current Technology Plan budgets indicating the amounts spent and projected expenditures.The specific cuts needed to meet the overall College budget reductions were also identified.The items to be cut were:Instructional (discipline-related) software, $5,000 from Academic and Advanced Technology Support, $38,000 from technical training, $4,266 from the SIS reserve, $65,000 from Central Infrastructure Support Services.The following actions were approved:

a.ETF funds in excess of those needed for specific line items in the budget will be applied to the IP Phone Project to reduce the amount that will need to be borrowed to complete the project.In turn, this will reduce the funds needed to make the annual payments.

b.The cost of NVCC's share of the VCCS Autocad software purchase ($18,200) for 2001-2002 will be covered centrally from the Technology Plan instead of sharing it among the campuses and College Staff.This will help the campuses meet current budget reductions.

c.Dr. Sachs may move funds among categories to cover existing deficits in the report for those projects that cost more than originally planned.

d.The report was accepted.

3.         MP3 and Downloaded Software Policy

The problem of faculty and staff downloading music MP3s and other software in violation of copyrights was discussed.Earlier, the ITC and Administrative Council specifically restricted storing these types of files on College servers.However, there is concern that continued downloading of software in violation of copyright by employees could create significant liability problems for the College.It was decided that the College's goal is to be sure individuals know that these actions are a violation of copyright law and College policy; and violation of the policy would be considered more than just an inadvertent violation.This means that if they violate the policy they are subject to punishment.Dean Baker will draft a specific policy statement for the ITC to review.Dr. Sachs will send out general guidance to all faculty and staff to be sure they are aware of this policy.

The issue of appropriate disciplinary action for violations was discussed.It was decided that uniform punishment guidelines could not be established that could cover all situations.Existing policies and procedures were felt to be adequate.The goal should be consistency rather than uniformity.When formal disciplinary action is warranted, the committee felt it was best determined at the supervisor level with consistency achieved through the involvement of Human Resources, the Dean of Instructional and Information Technology, and the appropriate administrative council member.

4.Employee Ethics Agreement

The proposed revision to the Employee Ethics Agreement was reviewed.The only change recommended by the subcommittee was to add a reference to DHRM Policy 1.75.The ITC approved the revised form and will forward it to the Administrative Council.It was also decided to add clear links to the Faculty/Staff Ethics Agreement and Student/Patron Computer Use Agreement on the College home page, and to make clear reference to these links on the network logon script.The ITC members also recommended that more information on these ethics agreements be included in new employee orientation and for continuing education students and annually for existing employees.Information about copyright policy should also be included.In addition, Dr. Sachs will send out information on these topics to all faculty and staff at least once a year as a reminder of College policy.

5.Student/Patron Computer Ethics Agreement

The revision to the Student/Patron Computer Use Agreement proposed by the LRS Directors' Working Group was reviewed.The revisions were approved and will be forwarded to the Administrative Council.

6.Discipline-related software

Even though the funds for discipline-related software in the current Technology Plan were cut to deal with the current College budget reductions, it was decided to have the College TLTR solicit proposals for this software from faculty so it can be considered for funding by the 2002-03 Technology Plan that will go into effect July 1.The process for soliciting proposals will be similar to the one last year with priority on College-wide use with single-campus programs being considered "college-wide."It was also reaffirmed that these funds cannot be used to annual software license fees.They must be used for outright software purchases.The TLTR should include demonstrated need for currency of the software in their selection criteria.

7.Password Policy

The password policy proposed by the Information Technology Implementation Committee was approved.The policy calls for any machine-level passwords to be made available to IT staff so they have access to the machines when necessary.Campuses can establish other password policies as appropriate.CMOS passwords are not allowed on servers.Servers are to be located in secure locations so CMOS passwords should not be necessary.

8.Priorities for the 2002-2003 Technology Plan

Items for inclusion and priorities for the 2002-2003 Technology Plan were identified as listed below(numbers in parentheses indicate the number of ITC committee members who identified the item as being a top priority):

Maintain instructional currency in software (3) and hardware (2)

SIS implementation (3)

Instructor training (1)

Faculty training (2)


IP Phone System (5)

Maintain staff currency in software (2) and hardware (1)

Maintain web sites (1)

Blackboard (4)


Client software

Discipline software

Digital signatures/online forms

Lab support (5)

Firewalls (2)

Electronic state of the art online testing for all classes

Help Desk staffing (2)

Network Maintenance (1)

Server rotation (scheduled replacement) (1)

IT staff training (2)

9.Web Committee

The current membership of the Web Policy subcommittee of the ITC as posted on the web was reaffirmed.Dr. Sachs will solicit members from the appropriate groups.

10.Office XP

Office XP will be made available for teaching purposes in time for Fall term.It is not currently approved as a standard for College office use.

11.Windows XP

Windows XP will also be made available for teaching purposes in time for Fall term.It is not to loaded on College PCs or used on the network at this time except with approval of the Dean of Instructional and Information Technology.

12.Name change for TSS

The ITC approved the request from Technical Support Services (TSS) to Information Technology Support Services.The request had also been approved by the ITIC and will be forwarded to the Administrative Council.