NVCC Information Technology Committee
January 20, 2006

Draft Notes


Present: Alison Baker,  Lowell Ballard, John Dever, Jeff Howlett, David Lavis, Stacy Pendleton, Maria Rynn, Steven Sachs, Barbara Saperstone, Monica Sasscer, P.D. Scott

The draft minutes from the October 12, 2005 meeting were approved.

  1. Allowing staff to avoid being listed in the College telephone directory.

    The committee made the decision that a contact number for employees must be listed in the directory. The central number of the employee’s department may be used.

  2. Allowing students to opt off College distribution lists.

    There was discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of allowing a student to opt out of College distribution lists. Currently we do not have the capability to allow individual students to opt out of mailings. It is being explored. The Committee agreed that students should not be allowed to opt out of College distribution lists.

    The suggestion was made to limit the size of attachments that are mass mailed, so as not to overload students email boxes and interfere with the receiving of class information. The ITC assigned a committee to establish policies for what type of emails can be sent in mass to NVCC students, as well as the size limit for attachments. That committee includes Monica Sasscer, Maria Rynn, Stacy Pendleton, and Venus Miller. Emails requiring the transmittal of large amounts of information can include a link to the location it is posted on our website. Breaches of the established policy will be called to the attention of the employee’s Administrative Council Member.

  3. Use of non-College websites as the only web source of credit course information.

    There was concern expressed for the reliability of other web providers that might be used, possible violation of adjunct faculty’s employer policies, and back-up issues. The Committee decided that course information must be on an NVCC website. It may include links to faculty personal pages, with proper disclaimers that it isn’t an NVCC site.  (STEVE – wording?)

  4. Mid-year Technology Plan budget adjustments.

    The Committee approved the shifting of technology fund dollars to the Help Desk and Academic Software categories where expenses appear to be running higher than budgeted. The shift in funds is possible because of some items coming in at less cost than anticipated. The entire Technology Budget will be reviewed at the February ITC meeting.

  5. Restricting access to the Web in order to prevent employee abuse.

    The Committee agreed that employee web abuse should be handled by the supervisor as a disciplinary issue.

  6. Procedures for completing Support Services Best Practices inventory.

    It was agreed that the questions for the VCCS Support Services Best Practices inventory should continue to go to the Campus Provosts for coordination of information gathering. A draft of the final report will be sent back to the Provosts for review, prior to submitting to the VCCS. Dr. Sachs will provide interpretation on questions, and instructions to follow, when clarifications are needed.

  7. Advanced wireless devices (e.g., Treo, Blackberry) policy.

    Dr. Sachs briefed the group on were we stand regarding wireless devices. ITSS is working with a very few NVCC users to explore how we can work through the state system to meet the user’s needs. An issue for consideration at the ITC February meeting is policy on who may be granted College purchased wireless devices and services.

  8. Statement of Work for Communication Management Consultant to help participants develop better strategies for using the telephone system and other communication technologies with the public.

    A group to be appointed at a later date will work on this.  (STEVE – what all did we say about this?  To be discussed next month?)

  9. Locking inactive accounts.

    It was announced that ITSS has begun locking inactive accounts. This is to bring us into compliance with VCCS security regulations. At present, the time frame is after 6 months of inactivity. We will try to shorten that time. NVCC still needs to come up with better business processes for notifying ITSS when people leave the College or change departments. Dr. Sachs will send out a notice that the locking of accounts is happening, with instructions on how to have people reinstated.

  10. Kiosks.

    To be discussed at next meeting.  ???????

  11. ITIC expansion.

    The ITIC group will be expanded to include staff with roles that have evolved into ones with more technical responsibilities. This will facilitate communication within the College technology groups.

  12. Directmobile

    There was a vendor demonstration held at the Manassas Campus, of technology for broadcasting messages to cell phones. Students would opt in to receive this service. We will survey students during the Spring to determine their interest, and consider what our business practices might be for using this technology.

  13. Email and records retention workshop status.

    We are still trying to locate someone who can give such training.

  14. VCCS Network Upgrade plans.

    The VCCS has issued the purchase orders to revise the Network. They will meet with us next week to review our needs. Hopefully they will have the new network in place for Fall.

  15. There were no other items.