Information Technology Committee
January 17, 1997 Minutes

Information Technology Committee
January 17, 1997

Present:		Max Bassett (chair), Alison Baker, Arnold Bradford, Tom Butler, 	
			Jennifer Egan for Yitna Firdyiwk, Fran Emory, Dan Himes, Gail 	
			Kettlewell, Laura McCullough, Paul McVeigh, Vince Pizzurro, 	
			Steven Sachs, John Sener, Lionel Sylvas

Others Present:	George Duffy, Evelyn Potts, James Van Dyke

Absent:		Neil Reynolds, Charlotte Wilhelmi

1.	Minutes Approved

Minutes from the November 22, 1996 meeting were approved with corrections.

2.  Reports from tasks assigned at last ITC meeting

a.  Survey of existing computers for upgrade needs - Dr. Sachs

A detailed survey was developed by a task force including Dr. Sachs, campus CIRAs 
and CIS staff.  Information will be gathered on all existing 486 and Pentium computers 
so detailed plans and budgets for hardware and software can be developed.  In 
addition, information on all computers, operating systems, networks and printers is 
being gathered in order to respond to a survey from the Joint Legislative Audit and 
Review Commission.  The survey should be completed by the first week of February.  

b.  Filling of new technology positions - Dr. Sachs

Notices of Vacancy and Position Descriptions for the ten new positions are due from 
the campuses by January 17.  As soon as they are received, all will be forwarded to 
Human Resources.  The plan is to advertise all ten positions at the same time so that 
individuals can apply for more than one.

c.  New software for currently networked computers - Dr. Sachs

In response to a question, it was announced that the college will order and install MS 
Office for Windows 95.  MS Office 97 requires more powerful computers than we will 
have installed for many offices.  The plan continues to be that the college will provide 
Windows 95 and MS Office for Windows 95 for all networked computers as soon as 
possible.  Following the survey that is currently underway, it will probably take 4-6 

d.  New computers for Spring semester - Dr. Sachs

A total of 109 WIN computers have been ordered for Alexandria and Annandale labs.  
Delivery is expected by early February.  Specifications were changed to match the new 
VCCS standard.

In addition, plans are being developed in connection with CIRAs and college staff to 
distribute and install the computers in an orderly fashion.  This includes identifying the 
exact installation site for each new computer before it leaves the warehouse so all 
inventory forms can be completed and all network ports activated prior to installing 
each machine.  This is designed to simplify and speed-up the installation process.  
Additional help will be provided to each campus during installation.

e.  Review and comments from CITGs on computer repair outsourcing - Mr. Pizzurro

Mr. Pizzurro provided a handout documenting several known problems with WIN 
computers.  He received very few responses to his memo, and no comments on repair 
outsourcing.  A number of committee members indicated that additional comments 
would be sent.

3.	Report from the Operations and Applications Technology Committee - Mr. 

The OATC did not meet in December, and does not meet until January 21.

Mr. Pizzurro gave an update on infrastructure construction.  Three contractors have been 
selected for completing work on the campuses.  CIS staff will meet with the Provosts and 
their staffs to verify locations of drops on detailed drawings that can be provided to the 
contractors.  Cabling and Communication Rooms are still scheduled for completion 
within the next 3-6 months.

A update on college-wide e-mail was provided by Mr. Pizzurro and Dr. Sachs.  The 
VCCS will be providing specific guidelines on server software that the College can use to 
replace MUSIC.  It is expected that the VCCS will make its decision on software by late 
Spring.  Meanwhile, there is free software that users can put on their PCs to have an 
easier to use interface with MUSIC.  Users will not notice any significant change when 
new server software replaces MUSIC.  A motion was made for all faculty and staff to 
have internet-based e-mail addresses assigned no later than Fall 1997 and that the College 
move actively toward a paperless office.  The motion passed unanimously.

4.	Procedure for purchasing computers - Mr. Duffy

a.  Ordering specifications for Acer computers - Mr. Pizzurro

A handout was distributed on specifications and prices for Acer computers.  These 
can be ordered in the same manner as WIN computers.  However, reliability data as 
reported in the computer press did not suggest that Acers were better than WIN 

b.  Campus survey of WIN computer problems

(See Mr. Pizzurro's report under repair outsourcing above.)

c.  Options for purchasing computers from vendor of choice - Dr. Sachs

Due to the large dollar value and the short time available, an alternative to WIN 
computers has not been found that will meet DPS purchasing regulations.  Obtaining 
additional purchasing authority for the College to remove some of the obstacles will 
take more time and research than is currently available.  Staff will continue to work 
on the problem, but it does not look promising given the lack of specific reliability 
data on WIN computers and lack of specific criteria that could be used to select 
other vendors.

d.  New computer specifications - Dr. Sachs

The VCCS has upgraded its specifications for standard desktop computers to a 
Pentium 166, 24 MB of RAM, 2.0 GB harddrive and 8X CD-ROM.  After some 
discussion the following NVCC standard configuration was agreed to (based on 
options available from WIN computers):

Pentium 166
Video Adapter w/2 MB VRAM, PCI
3.5", 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
2.1  GB IDE Hard Drive
15" SVGA Color Monitor
101 Keyboard
Mid Tower case with 7 bays and 200 W power supply
MS 2.0 serial Mouse w/pad
8X speed, IDE CD-ROM internal
16-bit Sound Card, SoundBlaster compatible
Multimedia Speakers
ISA Token Ring Card, STP/UTP interfaces
MS Windows 95
3 year on-site warranty
Set-up on-site

e.  Final decision on ordering Year 1 computers

It was decided that unless another option can be found in the next several weeks, WIN 
computers would be ordered according to the specifications above for Year 1 
computers.  Provosts will be asked to decide whether they want some or all of the 
computers in desktop rather than mid-tower cases (for lab use) and whether they want 
speakers or headphones.  Dr. Sachs will process the paperwork for the orders.

In addition to computers, 18 printers will be purchased and networked in Year 1.  This 
is based on one per division.  It is recognized that additional printers will be needed, 
but there is no basis on which to determine the number needed or their location in the 
current plan.  A plan will be developed as data from the current survey of equipment is 
analyzed, and additional printers will be purchased with Year 2 money.

5.  College-wide Technology Training Plan proposal - Mr. Van Dyke

Mr. Van Dyke made a presentation of the Technology Training Plan developed by the 
Human Resources staff to meet the requirements of the College's General Technology 
Plan.  Among the comments/suggestions made during the general discussion were:  need 
more training in other ways for faculty, need more flexibility than courses, need more 
individualization, need to include credit classes, need campus flexibility with funding, need 
Provost's priorities for training.  Comments are to be send to Mr. Van Dyke or Dr. Sachs 
in the next two weeks.

6.  SIS Committee - Dr. Bassett

Dr. Bassett briefly described current VCCS plans to purchase/develop a new system-wide 
SIS, and the need for the College to organize so that it can take a leadership role in 
providing input during the planning phase.  A handout was distributed with proposed 
membership for a Steering Committee and three Subcommittees representing:  
Registration Issues, Records Management Issues, and Counseling and Advising Issues.  
Following discussion it was agreed that a fourth subcommittee representing Financial Aid 
Issues would be added, a faculty member would be added to the Steering Committee, and 
Dr. Sachs would be added to the Steering Committee as an ex-officio member.  The 
proposed plan was approved with the additions.  Specific membership will be proposed for 
approval at the next ITC meeting.

7.  Status report on College Plan activities - Dr. Sachs

Dr. Sachs provided a report on progress toward meeting the timeline specified in the 
College's General Technology Plan.

The plan calls for cabling to be finished by mid-February.  Contracts have been awarded 
and cabling, though behind schedule, should be completed by late Spring.

The plan calls for new-PCs scheduled for Year 1 to be assigned by this time, the final 
configuration to be determined by February 3, and the orders placed by March 17.  This 
task is ahead of schedule, with orders due to be placed by early February.

The plan calls for the allocation plan for new servers in Year 1 to be completed by this 
time, locations to be determined by February 3 and final configuration determined by min-
January.  The network infrastructure (hubs and routers) to accommodate the new servers 
was anticipated to be ready by mid-March and the servers to be ordered by mid-April.  
Final server needs and configurations have not yet been determined.

The plan calls for the training curriculum to have been determined by mid-January.  An 
initial training plan was discussed at this meeting of the ITC, and Dr. Sachs is in process of 
calling a meeting of CITG representatives to discuss training curriculum.  The heaviest 
demand for training is being designed to coincide with the delivery and set-up of Year 1 
computers, which is not scheduled for late-Spring.

The plan calls for migration to MS Office and NT-networks to takes place in June/July 
1997, with training in the new applications to take place in mid-July.  The first large order 
of MS Office will be made in early February based on the results of the computer 
hardware and software survey currently underway.  A specific plan and timetable for the 
conversion to NT-networks has not yet been developed.

8.  Other items for discussion and announcements

It was announced that Dr. Arnold Bradford will be working with Dr. Sachs on 
the General Technology Plan for the next two years.  He will continue to chair the 
Manassas Campus Teaching Learning Technology Roundtable and teach a course each 

Audio and video conferencing are now available at all campuses.  The two-way 
videoconferencing network can reach all VCCS and university campuses, as well as any 
site using videoconferencing standards.  Scheduling can be done through Dr. Sachs office. 
 Audioconferening equipment is also available at all campuses, and DIT provides phone 
bridge service for conference calls involving more than three sites.

9.  Summary of Pending Items

a.  Order Year 1 computers and printers - Dr. Sachs
b.  Order Windows 95 and MS Office - Dr. Sachs
c.  Comments on WIN Computers and Computer Repair Outsourcing to Mr. Pizzurro 
from campuses
d.  Selection of e-mail client software - OATC
e.  Selection of e-mail server software - OATC (pending VCCS action)
f.  Assignment of internet-based e-mail addresses by Fall for all faculty and staff - Mr. 
g.  Develop Year 2 Printer plan
h.  Comments from campuses on draft Training Plan due by January 31 to Mr. Van Dyke
i.  Revise Training Plan - Mr. Van Dyke
j.  Nominate members for SIS Committees for ITC approval - Dr. Bassett
k.  Determine server needs and configurations - Mr. Pizzurro
l.  Develop specific plan and timetable for conversion to NT-network - Mr. Pizzurro

10.  Next Meeting of the ITC - Friday, February 21, 9:30 a.m., Board Room, Brault 
Annandale Campus.

cc:	Dr. Ernst
Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs
Associate Dean for Information Technology

Committee Chair:

Max L. Bassett
Dean of Academic and Student Services

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