Technology Spending Plan FY 2007
Executive Summary
As part of the annual Virginia Community College System (VCCS) technology planning cycle each college is required to prepare and submit a Technology Spend Plan.The plan must demonstrate how the college intends to use all funds allocated to advance the Chancellorís Expectations for the 2006-2008 Biennium and the Collegeís technology goals.The four primary fund sources are as follows:

1. The Equipment Trust Fund (ETF):Half of the ETF allocation provided to the VCCS is allocated through the Technology Funding Model.

2. The Technology Fee:A mandatory Technology Fee of $3.15 per credit hour is charged to all students, with $3.00 retained by the college collecting the Fee.

3. General Funds:A special appropriation from the General Fund for VCCS technology needs has traditionally been distributed through the Technology Funding Model to cover fixed/continuing operating costs such as positions, major network costs, and maintenance costs.

4. College Funds:Each is expected to contribute a significant amount of funding from its operating budget in order to achieve the Chancellorís Expectations and meet the goals of the collegeís annual technology plan.

Budget Breakdown by Revenue Source
Revenue Sources Amount
Equipment Trust Fund (allocated from the Technology Funding Model) $0.00
Technology Fees (allocated from the Technology Funding Model) $0.00
General Funds (allocated from the Technology Funding Model) $0.00
College Funds (specify) $0.00
College Funds (specify) $0.00
Any funds carry forward from FY 06 $0.00
Total Revenues $0.00
Budget Breakdown by Expenditures Category
Expenditures Description Revenue Source Amount
Facilities     $0.00
Infrastructure     $0.00
Cabling     $0.00
Technical Support Positions     $0.00
Software Licenses     $0.00
Professional Development & Training     $0.00
Hardware Repair &Upgrades     $0.00
Computer Replacements     $0.00
Others (please specify)     $0.00
Others (please specify)     $0.00
Others (please specify)     $0.00
Others (please specify)     $0.00
Others (please specify)     $0.00
Others (please specify)     $0.00
Total Expenditures     $0.00