Term Definition
1 Electronic Classroom Room with an instructor computer and permanently installed projector, LCD panel, Plasma Screen, or Computer Monitor(s) for students to view materials from the instructor computer.
2 Mobile Electronic Classroom A laptop computer, a projector, and speakers on a mobile cart which can be easily moved to a classroom to be used for instructional presentations.
3 Computer Laboratories or Lab Room with a separate computer for each student that generally has each student working individually.  Typically, classes are not scheduled to hold all of their class meetings in a “lab.”
4 Computer Classroom Room with a separate computer for each student that generally is the regularly scheduled meeting place for a class.
5 Commonwealth Classroom:   The Commonwealth Classroom (http://www.vccs.edu/vccsit/Archive/classdef.PDF) provides classroom size facilities for two-way video conferencing for large groups.  It consists of:
• a typical classroom-size room (25-30 people)
• the most up-to-date interactive video equipment available to Colleges
• Net.Work.Virginia connectivity:
• Campus LAN/Internet connectivity
• power, lighting, acoustical and furniture considerations
• Telephone and Fax
Optional equipment
• ISDN connectivity and video display equipment
• Video Projector
Note:  Classes may periodically meet in a computer lab, but they have another room as their regular classroom.  A computer classroom may function as an open lab during periods when no classes are scheduled.  This distinction is usually based on the predominant use of the room.