Small Group Questionnaire


To aid your group in developing your 10 minute presentation the basis of this presentation should center around you answering the following questions. Provide detailed answers to the following questions regarding your groups’ topic. Each member of your group should be responsible for at least one question (If your group has less then 7 members you may need to assign some members more then one question OR you could team up on some questions-but each member should be responsible for at least one question).

Please Note!:Your presentation is only to last 10 minutes so in presenting this material in class you are not expected to provide every detail-but more of a synopsis (highlight) contained below. Your presentation should focus more on selling us your product/social concept. Your types version of this questionnaire should be more detailed and provide specific examples and references.

A Typed written version of this report should be handed in with your Small Group Report due the day your presentation is due-please make sure to place each group members name after the question they were responsible for below.

  1. What is your PRODUCT/Social concept or problem you are addressing? (Provide a brief background into your product/social concept and why your group believes this is a problem needing to be addressed).

  2. What is the PRICE your audience will have to pay? (both the cost of changing their behavior along with the "cost" of not changing their behavior).

  3. What evidence do you have suggesting this topic/product is a problem that needs to be addressed and that your "solution" will be effective? (Provide relevant statistics,bibliographic references and other sources that support the change you are advocating.).

  4. Who are your Target Audience members?  (list their age, sex, race, and any other demographic information that is relevant that identifies them as having a need for the problem you are addressing)

  5. What specific behavior change are you advocating?  How will this “solve” the problem you are addressing? (Be specific as to what it is you want your audience to do with this information. This is the crux of your persuasive appeal).

  6. What marketing message have you created to PROMOTE (posters, brochures, handouts, videos, commercials . . .) to advertise/solicit (influence) the behavior change? (Create actually examples and show them to your audience in your presentation). Include in these examples your SLOGAN and LOGO representing your topic.

  7. Where would you PLACE these messages to gain maximum exposure to persuade your audience? (If you were to actually advertise this campaign where would you place your marketing messages so they are seen by your target audience. Also, where would you have people go to get more information or further assistance if they needed it to make this behavior change).

For an example of what I am looking for see this link on the Click it or Tick it campaign.