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Site Purpose:

     The purpose of this site is to show how important the game of softball is and how it has become a major part of my daughters life.  Since it is such a major part of her life, it has become a major part of mine.  I chose to use softball in both free choice sections of my site just for that reason.  White, black and different shades of blue are prevalent because they are colors for my daughters softball teams and have become part of our everyday lives.  Take a look at my site template to see how I set-up my web pages. 

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     You will find that I chose to create banner and header Wordart for each page of my site, giving it a more personal touch.  The Fastpitch Softball banner appears at the top of each page, along with a section header.  A picture of my daughter also appears on each page over the navigation area.  I thought it appropriate to use her picture on each page since the site was really created to promote her softball talents. 

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     For the text in the body of my site I wanted to use a font that was fun, light and playful, so I chose to use Comic Sans MS in both 10pt and 12pt.  For my Wordart banner and header text, I chose to work with a font that was bold, strong and unyielding, so I used Arial Black.  


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Body Text

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     The major colors of my site are black, white, light aquamarine and different shades of blue.  I used black, white and blues because they are major colors of my daughters softball teams.  I threw in the light aquamarine to create a peaceful contrast to the bolder background colors but found that it also created a harmonious blend with the Wordart.  For secondary colors, I used neon green for hyperlinks, purple for visited links and goldenrod for active links.  I thought the vibrant colors would bring life to each page. 

Colors Hex # Purpose (s)
Black 00, 00, 00 Text, border, footer and header background color
Carolina Blue 66, 99, FF Background color, navigation bar cell color
Golden Rod FF, 99, 00 Active link color
Light Aquamarine CC, FF, FF Background and border color
Neon Green 00, FF, 00 Hyperlink color
Purple 99, 00, FF Visited hyperlink color
Royal Blue 00, 00, FF Background and text color
White FF, FF, FF Background color

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