PRACTICE EXERCISE 1                               Name_____ _____________________

 The Verb Be in Statements

Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verb be.   

I. I ____________from Africa/ Asia/Europe/Latin America/the Middle East/North America

2. We __________ students of English as a second language .

3. It  _____________bad for your health to smoke.

4. They  ___________ good friends of my parents.

5. She ___________ a student of the Bible.

6. You  __________ a new friend of mine.

7. We ____________at the beginning of this book.

8. I ____________a native speaker of Arabic/Bengali/Chinese/French/German/Greek/Hindi/

    Italian/Japanese/ Korean/ Persian/ Portuguese / Russian/ Spanish/ Swahili/ Swedish/Thai/ Vietnamese.

9. I ____________ a happy person.

10. He ___________a member of my class.

11. She ______________ the director of the organization.

12. We ___________in an English class.

13. I  ___________an African/a European/a Latin American/a Middle Easterner/a North

     American/ an Oriental.

14. He  ______________the teacher of my class.

15. You  ______________a relative of mine.

16. They  _______________a happy couple.

17. Fortunately, I  _______________sick.

18. Unfortunately, it  ___________a nice day.

19. I  ______________in a good mood.

20. She  ____________a good tennis player.








PRACTICE EXERCISE 2                                                 Name ___________________

Base Forms versus –s forms

Put base forms or –s forms in the blanks

1.   (have) Everyone  _________the desire to learn English well.

2.   (live) Our French teacher  _________in the middle of Paris.

3.   (occur) Many car accidents  ____________on the nation’s highways during the holiday


4.   (fall) The leaves  __________from the trees in October .

5.   (serve) That restaurant  ___________excellent food.

6.   (love) John  _________Mary. My  ________parents me.

7.   (grow) Apples  _________best in a cool climate.

8.   (do) We  ___________the exercises in this book for homework.

9.   (have) People  __________strange ideas, sometimes.

10. (like) Mice  ________cheese.

11. (live) A mouse  __________in our kitchen.

12. (have) Air  __________a lot of nitrogen in it.

13. (grow) Good grapes for wine  __________in California.

14. ( cost) Good wine  _________a lot of money.

15. (provide) Sheep __________ us with wool.

16. (pay) His company  __________him a very high salary.

17. (give) Money  __________us security.

18. (make) A friend of mine very good cookies.

19. ( subscribe ) My parents  _________to the London Times .

20. (taste) Cheese  ____________good with wine.

21. (go) My family  _____________to the beach often in the summer.

22. (take) The class  ____________a break for fifteen minutes every day.

23. (have) Geese  ___________very long necks.

24. (wear) Mr. Jackson  ___________a shirt and tie to work every day.

25. (revolve) The earth  __________around the sun.






PRACTICE EXERCISE 3                                                       Name _______________

 Yes-No Questions

Fill in the blanks with do or does.


1.  _______ you do your homework at the library or at home?

2.  _______ coffee grow in many parts of your native country?

3.  _______ your father play tennis? your parents play cards?

4.  _______ electricity cost very much in your hometown?

5.  _______ your father's cows produce much milk?

6.  _______ fresh vegetables have a lot of vitamins?

7.  _______ everyone in the room want to learn English well?

8.  _______ an ostrich bury its head in the sand?

9.  _______ light travel at 186,000 miles a second?

10.  ______ you need a passport to travel to China ?

11.  ______ a child understand the problems of life?

12.  ______ your dog know its name?  ______you feed him every day?

Now fill in appropriate base forms in the second blank as well.

13. ______ yellow and blue  _______ green?

14.  ______ the students  _______ all of the new words ?


15. _______your company  _____ you a good salary?

16.  ______ you  _______ to the radio very much?

17.  ______ a good English dictionary  ______ very much?

18. ______ men/women  _______ the problems of women/men?

19. ______ your grandmother  _______a nap after lunch?

20. _______ you  ______bridge or canasta?








            PRACTICE EXERCISE 4                                     Name ____________

            Information Questions

            Put do or does in the blanks.

            1. How _______you spell your name? How ________your mother spell hers?

            2. What _______that word mean? What _______your name mean?

            3. How much rent _______you pay for your apartment?

            4. What kind of car _______your father drive?

            5. About how much time ________you spend on homework every day?

            6. Where _______your best friend work?

            7.  How much ________a good car cost?

            8. About how much electricity ________you use every month?

            9. How many cars ________General Motors produce every day?

            10. What _______the word "beautiful" mean?

            Put appropriate base forms in the second blank as well.

            11. What kind of work _______your father /mother _______?

            12. How much milk ______your cow _______every day?

            13. How _______your best friend ________his/her name?

            14. What kind of food ________an elephant ________ ?

            Now complete the sentences with your own words.

            15. Where does your girlfriend/boyfriend _______________________?

            16. What color car/house/bike ______________________________?

            17. How much money _______________________________ ?

            18. Where ________________________________?

            19. What kind of food  _________________________________?

            20. _________________________________ on the weekends?








Frequency Adverbs with the Verb Be




Put in appropriate frequency adverbs and a form of the verb be.



1.  A cat ______________________very independent.

2. The weather in the Caribbean __________________nice in the winter.

3. February in Moscow _______________cold.

4. My dentist _____________very busy all day long.

5. Life for the very rich _________________ difficult.

6. It __________________difficult to meet people in a big city.

7. There ________________a lot of people at an airport.

8. Children __________________afraid of the dark.

9. The life of a student __________________wonderful but busy.

10. My parents ________________worried about me.

11. Our teacher ________________late to class.

12. Abdul's appetite _____________good in the mornings.

Put appropriate frequency adverbs and base form or -s form verbs  in the blanks.


13. My phone _______________ ________early on Sunday mornings.

14. My parents ______________ ____________to church on Sundays.

15. My secretary is excellent and _________________ ________a mistake.

16. Adults ____________________________more problems than children.

17. Cats _____________________to be alone. A dog ________________ the company of

      people .

18. The people at my office _________ ______________nice-looking clothes.

19. Most of the students ____________________________their homework.

20. I _________________________________to school on the bus/ train.

21. My father ________________________________to the radio in the mornings.

22. My parents ______________________________to the beach on their vacations.

23. My phone _____________________________after midnight.

24. Our children ___________________ _________school on Saturdays.