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Response to Poetry Essay #2

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Select one of the following topics and write a seven hundred -word essay. Be sure to review procedures for writing about literature.

Select one of the following:

1.    Explain why you liked or disliked one of the poems or the character (or speaker) in a poem.  See pp. 40-47 in the textbook. Notice that the thesis statement states what makes the main character a likable character.

2.    Explain how one of the poems presents an idea or attitude that you have observed in society. For example, you may illustrate that individuals face important decisions throughout their lives by showing the decisions that individuals, such as adolescents, must face.

3.    Explain how one character is similar to you or how a situation is similar to one that you have experienced. For example, you may explain how your life has been similar to the life of the pool players in Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem "We Real Cool" (page 858).

4.    Analyze one element of a poem, such as the theme, speaker’s attitude, symbolism, or irony.  See the sample essays in the chapters concerning each element.

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