AUT 215 Course Syllabus

Emissions Systems Diagnosis and Repair

Northern Virginia Community College


Course Description


Presents logical diagnostic paths to identify vehicle HC, CO, and NOX failure areas. Teaches a progression of failure detection from most likely to more complex causes. Emphasizes use of current diagnostic equipment, including scan tools, infrared exhaust-gas analyzers and manufacturer’s service information. Lecture, two hours per week. 2 credits.


Course Objectives


Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:


  • Describe the most significant features of State and Federal laws regarding vehicle emissions and their control.
  • Locate and identify the various emission control devices used by automotive manufacturers.
  • Explain the purpose of each emissions control device.
  • Explain the cause and effect relationship of combustion efficiency and exhaust emissions.
  • Describe the use and operation of an infrared exhaust gas analyzer.
  • Identify excessive exhaust emissions.
  • Explain the proper procedures required to diagnose and repair a vehicle with excessive emissions.
  • Identify the general problem areas that can contribute to excessive HC, CO, and NOX emissions.
  • Describe the OBD II I/M testing process.
  • Understand basic concepts of OBD II I/M failure diagnosis.
  • Be better prepared to take AUT 226, Advanced ASM Emissions Diagnostics. Successful completion of the AUT 226 course is required to obtain an Air Check Virginia/DEQ Certified Repair Technician license.



Course Prerequisites


Ability to read, write, and speak the English language. AUT 111 and AUT 241 are recommended prerequisite courses.


Course Text


NOVA AUT 226 Advanced ASM Emissions Diagnostics / 2009 / First Edition

Grady / Prague

Advanstar Publishers

ISBN:  9781934855164




  • Attendance and participation = 40%
  • Homework and quizzes = 30%
  • Final exam = 30%


Letter grade equivalents:   A = 91-100%

                                                B = 81-90%

                                                C = 71-80%

                                                D = 61-70%

                                                F = 60% and below


Student Responsibilities and requirements


  • Attendance is mandatory! And it is 40% of your final grade!
  • Students who do not attend the first two class meetings will be withdrawn from this course in accordance with current College policy. Students that attend at least one of the first two class meetings will not be dropped and subject to a failing grade if they do not attend future classes. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from the course if they cannot continue the course and do not want a failing grade.
  • Classes are planned to begin at their scheduled times. Late arrivals will result in a grade penalty.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to be prepared to take notes during lectures. If you really struggle with taking notes, you may request permission to record the lecture (audio ONLY!). You MUST inform the instructor prior to recording any class activity!
  • All homework assignments are due one week from when they are given. Assignments turned in late will be subject to a grade penalty of 10% for each week past the due date.
  • Students must use ScanTron answer sheets/forms for all assigned homework and quizzes/tests, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
  • Students must obtain safety eyewear that conforms to the ANSI Z87 standard or better. This safety eyewear should be brought to each class meeting, as there will be occasional laboratory demonstrations. Eyewear meeting this standard is available at the campus bookstore.
  • Students must adhere to current Automotive Laboratory safety rules while in laboratory areas.
  • The use of personal electronic devices in either the classroom or laboratory is limited to course-related use. Texting, web-surfing and gaming are unacceptable activities during class sessions and may result in a grade penalty.
  • The course Blackboard site will be enabled at the beginning of the course. The site will be used for announcements, assignments and supplemental resources. Make certain that you can access the Blackboard application.
  • Students should check their NOVA email account or inbox at least once a week. Also, make certain that your contact information and program placement/major is correct and up to date with Student Services.
  • There will be no make-up test allowed for the final examination.
  • If you are seeking special accommodations based on a documented disability, you must provide an Accommodations Memorandum from Student Services.
  • Please feel free to discuss any concerns or problems regarding this course with the instructor.
  • Realize that this course belongs to you and your success depends on your full participation.




Reg Bennett

Bisdorf/AA Building, Room AA352




Note!  Instructor office hours are posted at .


Course Text Coverage


We will be using the A8 section (first section) of the AUT 226, Advanced ASM Emissions Diagnostics, text book. One of the purposes of this course is to prepare the student with the necessary knowledge to take and successfully pass AUT 226. To that end, the entire first section of this text will be used, including the A8 sample test section. You will be given reading assignments each week at the end of the class session. Class assignments will also be posted on the course BlackBoard site, so please make certain you have access to the SIS BlackBoard application.



Additional Course Information


  • For College emergency and closing information, go to and click on “Closings & Emergencies” at the bottom of the home page.
  • In the event of a delayed opening, if there is at least 45 minutes left in the class session, the class will meet at the indicated campus opening time.
  • Automotive safety information/MSDSs are located in the Tool Room, AE117.
  • The instructor and/or the College reserve the right to change the course as deemed appropriate.


Important Dates


  • Last day to drop with tuition refund or change to audit (census date)---January 21
  • Parking enforcement begins in student “B” lots---January 31
  • Last day to withdraw without grade penalty---February 15
  • Last day to apply for Spring graduation---March 1
  • Classes and examinations end---March 9
  • Spring Break. No classes---March 10-16
  • For further important date information, the “Academic Calendar” can be accessed from the NOVA home page.