The assignment

Isometric is a particular instance, or a "member" of the axonometric family, along with diametric an trimetric. The importance of isometric stems from the fact that the 3 dimensions are equally spaced, therefore you subject matter will be represent in the most useful an objective manner ever possible. Read more about it here: isometric.

For this project I would like you to draw a simple building, or any simple object, and also I would like you to demonstrate that you can can control angles.

Please read the concept:

I hope that the drawing here above doesn't confuse you, the three dimension were meant to be equally spaced, but because the drawing was done free hand it may not seem that way, not exactly.


Isometric and axonometric are not just intended for architectural or mechanical drawing, as you can see from the sketches here above and below.

drawing by the author.


Isometric study for a sculpture, by Giulio Porta

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