The assignment

For this assignment you will need to create two perspective drawings of the same subject matter, one will be done by using a low eye level, the other a high eye level. This can be done by drawing what you see on a table by sitting in front of it and then by standing, Please look a the guide line drawings here below.

The concept

A relatively low high level view, at the 2nd story of the buildings

A high eye level view, above all the buildings, what is also known as a bird eye view.

   In this illustration, the eyelevel of the viewer is  the same as that of the adult in the distance against the wall, the child is drawn at a lover level and kept that way.
  In this illustration of two adults, their similarity in height, and the viewer is obvious, as they all share the same eye level.
Photographs can help you enormously in understanding perspective drawing. What photography will do, it will place perspective drawing within a framework of irrefutable visual reference which will add credibility to what could seem an abstract geometrical process.

All you need to do is to draw on top of the photo and there you have it: the proof that perspective works. Keep in mind that the world out there, with the exception of architecture, is not perfectly straight.


The distant field, in the picture's top middle, is not parallel to the road therefore its lines will slant toward a different vanishing point. Now: this is not a two points perspective, it's just one point instance repeating itself.

If you care to notice, the drawing here above has 2 vanishing points, one for the architecture, and the other for the road. The road is pointing slightly uphill, like in cities such as San Francisco, or New York, the vanishing point for the road is higher than the one for the architecture. Because the road slant upward its vanishing point is not on the horizon. Please do not get confused by these kind of situations this is not two point perspective. What determines the eye level is your vertical location and where horizontal lines seem to converge. Any line that is not horizontal will not slant toward the horizon.

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