English 004
Spring 2005
Dr. Debbie Naquin
LW 223
Class Meeting Time
MR 0830 - 1045
LC 311
 Office Hours
MR 0800 - 0830
MR 1315 - 1415
LC 304
Schedule of Assignments
Texts & Materials
  • Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills, John Langan, fourth edition. 
  • Improving Vocabulary Skills,  Nist and Mohr, 3e, short version. 
  • A novel of your choice 
  • Two floppy disks  (IBM formatted) or one flash drive for USB port
  • one notebook to hold your work and tests
  • one manilla folder for your midterm and final portfolios

Course Description: Eng 004 is a five-credit course which will help you improve your basic reading skills. It includes individualized and group work as well as teacher conferences and class discussions. Concentrated work on vocabulary and reading strategies will help increase your reading comprehension. You will apply this comprehension by reading a novel of your choice.

Course Goals and Objectives: Successful completion of this course should improve your reading skills as follows:


S - Pass Student has met the course requirements which include:
   1. Student's final portfolio has passed
   2. Student has passed each reading test with a score of 70% or higher (10 total; once a week testing)
   3. Student has passed each vocabulary test with a score of 70% or higher (4 total; once a month testing)
   4. Student has passed each of the three required novel conferences

R - Re-enroll Student is making satisfactory progress toward meeting the course requirements but needs more time
to complete them. Student must register for Eng 004 again.

U - Fail Student's work is unacceptable or incomplete. Student must take Eng 004 again.

Attendance: Regular class attendance is expected, and absences will affect your grade. Remember,you are responsible for any assignments given and material discussed in your absence. College policy states that an instructor may fail a student who misses 30% or more of class (six classes). Three tardies will be equal to one absence. If you are more than fifteen minutes late, you will be marked absent. If you do not return to class after the break, you will be marked with 1/2 an absence.

Submission of Papers: We will write several summaries and responses during this term.  Each of these must be submitted in final form.  Final form consists of:

Classroom Behavior: Courteousness is expected at all times. This includes turning off all cell phones and beepers during class.  If in doubt about what is appropriate by college (i.e. adult) standards, please consult the NVCC Student Handbook.
Honor Policy: Academic dishonesty is unacceptable. Any act of academic dishonesty will result in a failing grade for the course. Academic dishonesty is defined as representing the work, ideas, and/or words of others as your own in any format or providing your work to others.

If you have a disability that requires class and/or testing accommodations, please meet with me privately during the first week of class to discuss the issue.

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