Sigma Chi Eta
Communication Honor Society

Alpha Alpha Chapter

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Chapter Advisor
Dr. Tami Olds, Chapter Advisor

NOVA Loudoun, LR 310
1000 Harry Byrd Hwy
Sterling, VA 20164
Sigma Chi Eta Application (PDF)

Goals of Sigma Chi Eta Fulfilling the Aristotelian appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos, members are expected to be in good standing and of good character, must show evidence of good scholarship, and must display a commitment to the field of communication at their campus. The faculty advisor and the executive committee of the current membership will review the applications and notify all applicants within 4 weeks of application receipt. To seek admission to Sigma Chi Eta, complete this form and submit it with the $30 application fee by the fourth week of the semester.


According to the National Communication Association (, to be eligible, the following qualifications must be met.

Students must:
- have completed at least 12 semester hours (15 quarter hours);
- have completed at least 9 semester hours of communication or communication-related* course work;
-have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0; -have a communication studies GPA of at least 3.25;
-be in good standing at the college;
- display commitment to the field of communication (*as approved by Communication Studies faculty.)

Communication-related courses





Nan Peck
NOVA Annandale Campus
February 3, 2012

BUS 117 – Human Relations & Leadership
BUS 200 – Principles of Management
BUS 201 – Organizational Behavior
BUS 205 – Human Resource Management

ENG 121/122 – Journalism I/II
ENG 131 – Technical Report Writing
ENG 200 – Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 230 – Mystery in Film
ENG 247 – Survey of Popular Culture
ENG 279 – Film and Literature
ENG 291/292 – College Newspaper Writing I/II

MKT 201 – Principles of Marketing
MKT 221 – Public Relations

PSY 119 – Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSY 120 – Human Relations
PSY 125 – Interpersonal Relationships
PSY 216 – Social Psychology
PSY 226 – Introduction to Counseling Relations
PSY 265 – Psychology of Men and Women 

Professional Organizations
Virginia Association of Communication Arts and Sciences
Eastern Communication Association
Southern States Communication Association
National Communication Association