Jennifer Bradley
Wim Crouwel
Jason Moore
Lucian Bernhard
Nikita Jain
Samir Mondal
Joe White
Henri Matisse
Khusan Khimmatkulo
Paula Scher
Faris, William
Yasuhiro Irie
Jamie McAfee
Saul Bass
Jessica Bravo
Frida Kalho
Zhu Zhu-Li
Saul Bass
Mohammed Rob
Hideyuki Kikuchi
Cathy Taylor
Zelda Wynn Valdez
Principles of Design The featured link above provides useful information about design principles and terminology that can be used as reference when reading through Argus webzine.
Pioneers and Innovators of Design

To understand the concept behind the Argus webzine, let us introduce Argus. A character from Greek mythology who was known as Argus All-Seeing. A being who walked upon the ancient world with a hundred eyes spread all over his body. Like Argus, the content of the webzine is like a view from a hundred eyes as expressed through the collection of biographies you see here today.

In Argus webzine, you will find valuable information for designers and those interested in visual design. Argus is a diverse collection of online biographies on contemporary and historical artists and designers from around the world. The purpose of Argus Webzine as a class project is to foster interaction, responsibility and commitment to the group effort. It is a vehicle for the student to experience how group interaction influences the scale of achivement in creating a large-scale and robust websites.

Some of the links in Argus Archive are null links, meaning links going to nowhere. The reason for this is caused by the nature of the Argus Webzine project. Argus changes every semester or twice a year. In each separate generation of Argus, the links to other designers on each page change or dissappear. Because of the fluid nature of Argus, designer links in the sites in the archive section change from group to group.i>
“Each generation must try to solve problems that were inherited and attempt to create a contemporary form that is true to its own time.” -Paul Renner

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