Systems Analysis And Design

Term:Spring 2010
Times: Thursdays 7:30pm-10:00pm
Location: AA-0446
Instructor: M.Nader Zaheer
Office Hours: Wednesdays: 4:00PM-6:00PM , Room 426
Telephone: 703-845-6387 (w)
Text Book: System Analysis And Design - 4th Edition by Dennis.  ISBN: 978-0-470-22854-8

Course Requirements:

Reading Assignments: Students should do their reading assignments before coming to the class. This will help them to participate in meaningful discussions of the material in class. We will emphasize the more important concepts in the class.  Do not assume that you will only be tested on the materials covered in the class

Grade Composition:
Home Work:   20%
Midterm:        40%  (Take Home)
Final:              40%  (Take home)


Grade Scale:  90 - 100 A          80 - 89 B          70 - 79 C          60 - 69 D          59 and Below    F

Special Needs and Accommodations: Please address any special problems or needs at the beginning of the semester with the instructor. If you are seeking accommodations based on a disability, you should provide a disability data sheet, which can be obtained from the counselor for special needs, who is located in Room 148 of the Bisdorf Building, telephone number 845-6301

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  1. All backgrounds and cultures are respected.
  2. During class discussions, everyone feels welcome to participate and a free exchange of ideas takes place.
  3. All members of the class arrive on time and leave the class only on breaks or in case of emergency.
  4. Distractions are kept to a minimum. Cell phones and other electronic devices are turned off in class, labs, and library. Students remain seated throughout class and refrain from talking with classmates while another class member or the instructor has the floor.
  5. Each student turns in work that is his or her own.
  6. Consideration is always given to other classes that are taking place in adjoining classrooms.
  7. At the end of a class, the members of the class and the instructor leave the classroom in good condition so that the next class can begin without disruption.



Class Date




January 28

Syllabus Overview, The Systems Analyst and Information Systems Development


Page 34: Questions: 2,3,5,16,19


February 4

Project Selection and Management

Read about Six Sigma and CMMI using links below:

HW1 Due

Chapter 2

HW 2:

Page 82: Questions: 3,7,11,12,18

Page 84: P1: Exercise N



February 11

Requirements Determination

HW 2 Due

Chapter 3

HW 3: Questions: 4,8,10,15,22


February 25

Use Case Analysis

HW 3 Due

Chapter 4

HW 4:

Page 166-167: Questions: 1,2,7,11,12

Page 167: P2: Exercise A


March 4

Process Modeling

HW 4 Due

Chapter 5

HW 5: Pages 202-203:

Questions: 2,3,6,8,14

Page 203: P3: Exercise A


March 11

No Calss

No Class

Midterm Assigned (Chapters 1-5)


March 18

Data Modeling

HW5 Due

Chapter 6

HW 6

Page 235: Questions: 2,7,10,11,13


March 25

Moving Into Design

Midterm Due

HW 6 Due

Chapter 7


Page 265: Questions: 4,6,11,12,14

Page 265: P4: Exercise B


April 1

Architecture Design


HW7 Due

Chapter 8

HW 8: Page 296:

Questions: 1,5,8,12,15


April 8

User Interface Design

HW 8 Due

Chapter 9

HW 9:

Page 347: Questions: 1,9,11,23,34

Page 347: P5: Exercise A



April 15

Data Storage Design

HW 9 Due

Chapter 11

HW 10:

Page 427: Questions: 3,6,7,8,14


April 22

Moving Into Implementation

HW 10 Due

Chapter 12

Final Exam Assigned

(Chapters 6,7,8,9,11,12)


April 29

Work on Final Exam at Home (No Class)


Work on Final Exam (No Class)


May 6

Fianl Exam Due (No class)

Fianl Exam Due (No class)










Power Point Slides


  1. Please read chapter 1 before coming to class