Introduction To Network Concepts

Term: Fall 2009
Times: Mondays 6:00pm-8:50pm
Location: AA-0444
Instructor: M.Nader Zaheer
Office Hours: Wednesday: 4pm-6pm, Room 426
Telephone: 703-845-6387 (w)
Text Book:Network+ Guide to Networks - 5th Edition by Tamara Dean.  

Course Description: This course introduces the nature of the most commn LAN technologies. This is an introductory course to Data Communications and Local Area Networks that will provide an overview of network topologies, essential elements of communications, LAN media, media access, Wide Area Networks, and other nerwork techmologies.

Course Prerequisites: ITE 100 or ITN 100

Course Requirements:
Attendance: Students are not graded on attendance, however, it is strongly recommended to attend the class
Reading Assignments: Students should do their reading assignments before coming to the class. This will help them to participate in meaningful discussions of the material in class. We will emphasize the more important concepts in the class.  Do not assume that you will only be tested on the materials covered in the class

Grade Composition:

Home Work:   15%

Projects: 15%

Midterm:        30% 

Final:              40% (Take Home)


Grade Scale:  90 - 100 A          80 - 89 B          70 - 79 C          60 - 69 D          69 and Below    F


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  2. During class discussions, everyone feels welcome to participate and a free exchange of ideas takes place.
  3. All members of the class arrive on time and leave the class only on breaks or in case of emergency.
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  5. Each student turns in work that is his or her own.
  6. Consideration is always given to other classes that are taking place in adjoining classrooms.
  7. At the end of a class, the members of the class and the instructor leave the classroom in good condition so that the next class can begin without disruption.



Class Date




August 24

Introduction, Syllabus Overview

Introduction to Networking



August 31st

Networking Standards and OSI Model

Transmission Basics and Networking Media

Chapter 2, Chapter 3


Chapter 1, Pages 26-29: 13,19

Chapter 2: Pages: 66-68: 4,6,12,20

Chapter 3: Pages: 127-130: 3,6,8,18

Project 1: Pages 29-30: Project 1-1


September 7

Labor day, No class

At home activities:

- visit to have an idea of the certifications and specializations available with in the networking field.

Term Paper (Optional)

Some Networking Topics


Work on HW1 and Project 1

Read chapters 4 and 5


September 14

Introduction to TCP/IP protocols

Topologies and Ethernet Standards


HW1 Due

Project 1 Due

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Chapter 4, Pages 181-183: 3,5,8,12,15

chapter 5, Pages 226-229: 2,9,11,18,19

Project 2: Pages 185-186: Project 4-1


September 21

Network Hardware

WANs and Remote Connectivity


HW2 Due

Project 2 Due

Chapter 6

Chapter 7


Chapter 6, Pages 285-289: 1,9,11,13,15,21,22

Chapter 7: Pages349-350: 1,2,4

Project 3:Page 235 : Case Project 5-3



September 28

Wireless Networking



HW3 Due

Project 3 Due

Chapter 8

HW 4: Pages 410-412: 1,4,5,6,7,10,12,20

Project 4: Page 419: Case Project 8-1



October 5

Network Security

HW4 Due

Project 4 Due

Chapter 12



October 12

No class, Work on Final Exam

Work on Final Exam


October 19


FFinal Exam Due






Power Point Slides


1. Please read chapter 1 before coming to class