Northern Virginia Community College/Annandale Campus

NAS 162  Health Science II, Fall, 2006

     02N  lecture TR 11:00-12:15 CS 128

     A2N lab R 8:00-10:40 CS 136, A3N lab R 2:00-4:40


Instructor:  Dr. Mary A. Vander Maten,

Phone:  (703)323-3228 (office), (703)323-3224 (BIO office), (703)278-9325 (home)

Office:  CS 106B; mailbox CS 106

Office hours:  MW 1000-1200, T 1300-1400, and other times by appointment


Course Objectives:  The student should acquire a sound understanding of the structure and function of the normal human body along with some common pathological and microbiological disturbances.  The student will take an active role in analyzing biological topics and issues, and will be able to assess and evaluate health and environmental issues both personally and professionally.  Specific objectives will be given for each unit. 

Prerequisite:  NAS 161

Texts:  Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, 11th ed.  Tortora and Grabowski.

            Microbiology:  An Introduction, 9th ed.  Tortoa, Funke, and Case.

Optional text:  An Introduction to Chemistry for Biology Students,  Sackheim.


Grading:  Lecture 2/3 (attendance/quizzes worth 100, exams worth 100, 100, 100, 150; exams need scantrons).  Attendance is essential.  No attendance or quiz points will be awarded unless student is present.  At least two hours study expected per hour lecture.  Please save all assignments and exams for your personal record. 

     Lab 1/3 (lab practical worth 75, 75, 75; attendance, participation, diligence worth 5 points per lab; 11 labs x 5 = 55 points)

           A     *     B     *     C     *     D     *     F         

830           747        664         581         498


Make-up policy:  Makeup exams will be taken during the final exam time slot.  Please call or email if you will be absent for an exam.  No exams can be “retaken.”


Academic integrity:  Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  Students are expected to follow Information Technology Student/Patron Ethics Agreement as posted in computer areas and academic integrity standards as set down in the Student handbook.  In this class, the first offense (as determined by instructor) will result in a “0” for that quiz or exam; the second will result in an “F” for the course. 


Special needs:  If you are a student who has special needs because of a learning disability or any other kind of disability, please visit the college counseling office.  Counselors are available in the Godwin Building (CG 211) to assist you with forms requesting special accommodations.


Fire Escape/Evacuation:  up stairs at front of classroom and out SW entrance or down hall at back of classroom and out NW entrance of building


Lecture Schedule and Reading Assignments


DATE             TOPIC                                                 READING ASSIGNMENTS

                                                                                    A&P               Micro


Aug 22, 24       Respiratory System                            23                   24


Aug 29/31        Urinary System                                  26                   26

Sept 5              last day to apply for graduation

Sept 5              last day to drop with tuition refund


Sept 5, 7         Fluids                                                  27


Sept 12, 14      LECTURE EXAM/Cardiovas.           19                   23


Sept 19, 21      Cardiovascular System, Blood            20, 21             23


Sept 26, 28      Lymphatic System, Immunity               22                   23


Oct 3, 5           Immunity                                             22                   23


Oct 10, 12       holiday, LECTURE EXAM                                   


Oct 17, 19       Digestive System, Nutrition                 24, 25              25


Oct 24, 26       Reproductive System                          28                    26

Oct 27             last day to withdraw with “W”


Oct 31/Nov 2  Development                                     29


Nov 7, 9        LECTURE EXAM/Genetics               29


Nov 14, 16     Human Genetics                                 29


Nov 21, 23     Nervous System, holiday                   12-16                22


Nov 28, 30     Special Senses, Endocrinology          17,18                 21


Dec 5, 7         Endrocrinology                                    18


Dec 14           FINAL EXAM 1000-1150 Thursday







Laboratory Schedule


DATE                        LAB EXERCISE


Aug 24                       Respiratory System


Aug  31                     Urinary System


Sept 7                        Circulatory System


Sept 14                      Hematology


Sept 21                      LAB PRACTICAL I*


Sept 28                      Digestive System Anatomy


Oct 5                         Digestive System Chemistry


Oct 12                       Reproductive System


Oct 19                       Human Growth and Development


Oct 26                       LAB PRACTICAL II*


Nov 2                        Genetics


Nov 9                        Nervous System


Nov 16                      Special Senses


Nov 23                      Thanksgiving Holiday


Nov 30                      LAB PRACTICAL III*


Lab texts:  Laboratory Manual for Anatomy and Physiology, Allen and Harper

                  Health Science I and II, Laboratory Supplement


Each lab group is required to purchase a fetal pig.  Each group will be assigned a male or female pig so that both sexes are available in each lab.

*Missed lab exams can be made up the following semester.  Make every attempt NOT to miss a lab exam.


Fire Escape/Evacuation:  out both doors of lab and out nearby SE entrance of building




NAS 162 Record


Exam 1 (100)                          __________


Exam 2 (100)                          __________


Exam 3 (100)                          __________


Final (150)                              __________


Attendance/Quiz (100)           __________


Extra Credit                            __________


Lab Attendance (55)               __________


Lab Practical 1 (75)                __________


Lab Practical 2 (75)                __________


Lab Practical 3 (75)                __________



Grand Total (830)                   __________



At any time in the course, check your grade by calculating    Points earned__ x 100

                                                                                           Points possible so far



           A     *     B     *     C     *     D     *     F         

830           747        664         581         498