Tortora, chapter 16   Special Senses

            Know parts of the eye and ear.

            Terms, pg 560-561:  cataract                glaucoma         

                        Sensorineural deafness  conduction deafness

                        Amblyopia                                conjunctivitis

                        Keratitis                                   otalgia

                        Strabismus                                tinnitus

                        Trachoma                                 vertigo



Tortora, chapter 17   Autonomic Nervous System

            Know some sympathetic and parasympathetic responses, pg. 580-581.



Tortora, chapter 18   The Endocrine System

            Know grand chart of brain hormones.

            Know exocrine/endocrine difference.

            Know blood glucose regulation by insulin and glucagon.

            Know actions of thyroid, adrenals, parathyroid.



Tortora, Microbiology, chapter 22        Diseases of the Nervous System

            Know these bacterial diseases:  tetanus, botulism, leprosy

            Know these viral diseases:  polio, rabies

            Know this protozoan disease:  African sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis)

            Know these prion diseases:  CDJ, BSE