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What is a Microworld?

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Please report any bugs or problems with the Microworld by emailing ipmw@techopts.net 


Patches and fixes

You can download the latest patch by clicking here:

Patch 1.4.2

What is a Microworld

A Microworld is a special kind of simulator that focuses on assisting learning in a specific subject area. It does this by accurately simulating aspects of real world systems which directly affect the learning domain, and simplifying any extraneous issues. In this case of this Microworld the learning domain is Internet Protocol networking and the use of the troubleshooting tools ipconfig, ping and tracert.  Use of features for which an understanding is not crucial to aid understanding of this learning domain are simplified. For example services such as web servers, firewalls and proxy servers etc. can only  be enabled or disabled. Thus learners do not need to know or understand the extraneous detail of how to correctly configure these services but can instead concentrate on the feedback they receive from their ping, tracert and ipconfig commands.