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The web provides an opportunity to research the political, economic, social, religious, and cultural history of Japan.  Examine the websites listed below for information on Japanese culture.

This website lists many of the organizations and cultural opportunities in the greater Washington D.C. region.
A Tokugawa Museum located in Nagoya, Japan is a beautiful site that gives information about the Tokugawa way of life.  Permanent exhibits include the following:  "The Practice of Tea:  Daimyo Tea Room,"  "Formal Chamber of the Daimyo's Residence,"  "Daimyo Patronage of Noh Theatre," "Objects and furnishings of Elegant Living," and "The Flowering of the Courtly Tradition."  For information on the museum, make certain that you read the "Outline Page"--it gives a good history of the museum.


A complex and detailed tour of 18th century Edo.

Zen Garden

A beautiful and excellent source on Zen Gardens.

Additional Japanese  History selections

Japanese History selections

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