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 Welcome to my British History website.  Of course, I am pleased that you are  interested in the study of British History.  There are many reasons for you to study British History.  It will  provide you with  an  essential prerequisite for understanding the history of the United States, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the city of Alexandria.  The city  of Alexandria has long maintained a connection with its sister city of Dundee,  Scotland. and has assiduously cultivated its inheritance from the past.  This is much in evidence in during the Christmas walk  and other celebrations held in Alexandria during the early weeks of December.    

     In so far as the history of the United States is concerned,  British History provides the necessary background for students who may have an interest in American Studies or Legal History.  Course materials include textbook reading assignments, journal articles for reading assignments, slide and power point presentations, museum trips, a formal paper. Blackboard discussions, and three examinations. 


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