NOVA - Alexandria Campus


Can I get extra help from a tutor? 

NOVA has a tutoring service called ACE (Academic Center for Excellence). ACE provides one hour of free 1-1 tutoring per week. It is located in room AA229 and the phone number is 703-845-6363.

How many times can I take a quiz/test?

The MyLabsPlus program allows you to take quizzes and tests multiple times.  If you take the test or quiz twice without passing, your instructor or the lab staff will give you extra work to do and will give you one more attempt. If you take the quiz or test three times without passing, you will need to contact your instructor for more attempts. You cannot move forward without passing a test or a quiz.

I have looked through the PowerPoint and I am still confused about the material. Is there anything that can help me understand it better?

Each section has an instructional video and an online textbook. These are found by clicking on the section numbers (for example: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3…) under th
e unit you are working on.

Can I view the PowerPoints for the units before I take the Pretest?

Yes. Click on the grey “Doc Sharing” button on the homepage of MyLabsPlus. Click on the Unit you need and you will find pdf documents of each PowerPoint.

Why do I need to turn in my notes before I take a quiz?

The notes are part of your grade and are due before you take your quiz. If notes are not submitted before the quiz, then you receive a grade of zero. The lab staff wants to make sure you turn in your notes.

Why can I only sit in the first row to take tests and quizzes?

The first row will allow the lab staff to proctor your exam and give you a quieter environment to take your tests and quizzes.

Why do I need to bring my student ID?

You need to bring your student ID so you can sign in and out of the lab. Also, you need to show your student ID in order to take a test or quiz.

When is the last time I can take a test/quiz?

On Monday through Thursday, the last time to take a test is 8:00 pm and the last time for a quiz is 8:45 pm. On Friday and Saturday, the last time for a test is 2:30 pm and the last time for a quiz is 3:15 pm.

Can I print in the Master Math Lab?


What happens if I forget to sign out? 

If you do not sign out then the time you spent in the lab does not count towards your weekly attendance grade. Do not forget to sign out.

Where are the notes?

Notes are located in the front of the Master Math Lab by the computer where you sign in.