Course Title : JAVA 2

  Instructor : Hung Vu
(C) 202.497.9785    (W) (202) 283-6233

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Class Description :

                This fast-paced course focuses on object-oriented programming methodology, expanding on and reinforcing basic concepts learned in the introductory course. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to write, compile and execute complex applications and applets using the Java programming language. You’ll also explore advanced Java programming concepts and object oriented approach, such as encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism, and the Java Application Programming Interface (API). The required text, Java: How to Program, 9th Edition, is available in the NOVA-Annandale campus bookstore

Class dates :

                3 Saturdays  : (From 09:00 am to 16:30 pm)

Student Assessment

Students will be awarded 2.0 CEU after class completion.     
Attendance requirements : At least 90% of lecture  
Complete all computer labs.

Course Prerequisite

                                Introduction to Java

Course Methodology

                                This course covers fundamentals of the JAVA programming language, emphasizes on a mix of lecture and hands-on lab work, and provides a broad based foundation of  JAVA programming skills.

Course Materials :

                                Handouts and labs prepared by instructor.

Reference Book : 

Ninth Edition JAVA How To Program, Deitel & Deitel, Prentice Hall. ISBN-13 978-0-13-257566-9  





                Day 1:

                UNIT 1: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 :                           Introduction to Classes, Objects, Methods and Strings

Chapter 4 & 5 :                   Control Statements           


Day 2:

Chapter 6 :                           A deeper look at methods

Chapter 7 :                           Arrays and Array Lists

Chapter 8 :                           Classes and Objects: A deeper look

Chapter 9 :                           Inheritance

Chapter 10:                          Polymorphism

Day 3:

Chapter  11:                         Exception

Chapter 16:                          String class

Chapter 24 :                         Applets

Chapter 25 :                         GUI : Componenets